Just watched the Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference on the Obama birth certificate, it’s good enough to prove it’s fraudulent…

I just watched the live Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference on the Obama birth certificate live on the internet. So let me get this straight, Obama served his full 8 years of his presidency and they let him get away with a fake birth certificate? The press conference today about it is good enough to prove it’s fake.

Here’s the Obama long form birth certificate from the White House website:

Click to access birth-certificate-long-form.pdf

The press conference proved that a lot of the info on the Obama birth certificate was copied and pasted from another birth certificate which could be easily done by photoshop. The other birth certificate that Obama copied from was another Hawaiian woman named, Johanna Ah’nee.

The date stamp is key to proving it’s fraudulent. If you notice the date stamps, the angles and the heights are kind of different. Watch the video above to see how. The video above from today’s press conference.

On this blog, I’ve been trying to teach you guys how the birth certificate is fake for a long while but all you guys did was laugh at me and called me names. The media will probably ignore this but if they were to start reporting it, the mainstream media would call it “fake news”.

I think Mr. Trump is making a huge mistake backing off the birth certificate which he never should have. That’s pretty much the only thing that Mr. Trump disappointed me on. Obama’s birth certificate should be taken very seriously ’cause he’s an illegal president and it should concern the American people. Obama could also be an illegal alien himself which wouldn’t surprise me if he is. Whether he is an American citizen or an illegal alien himself, either way… he wasn’t born here at all. Was Obama born in Kenya… maybe Indonesia? If this Congress under Obama won’t have hearings about the birth certificate, hopefully Trump will do something about it when he gets in office. Lock Obama up, that fraud.

A lot of people let Obama get away with it… not just the media… Congress let him get away with it too, even Republicans. Why? Because they’re cowards that’s why. Too scared to take down Obama ’cause they’re afraid the race card might get played.

Not only Hillary needs to be locked up. Obama needs to be locked up too. Yep this is good enough to prove that Obama’s b.c. is fake. I knew it all along and I still stand by it. There’s still time to have Congress investigate Obama’s birth certificate so hopefully Congress does something this time. We got ’til Jan. 20th. Even if Obama will be out of office soon, he should still be investigated. Hopefully Trump will do something when he gets sworn in.

There are still too many people who believe that Obama was born here (even if they don’t like him at all) so hopefully this will be good enough to wake people up more.


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