Sly Stallone to be a part of Trump’s cabinet? Trump wants Stallone to run the NEA

This is interesting. Trump wants Sylvester Stallone to be in charge of the National Endowment for the Arts which is an independent agency under the US government that offers support and funding for the arts and entertainment in the US. Jane Chu is currently in charge of the NEA under Obama but she’s gonna have the leave on Jan. 20th which means she is gonna get replaced.

Trump hasn’t asked Stallone yet for the job but Trump wants him, though. It seems that Sly already heard that Trump wants him for the NEA and looks like Sly is interested.

If Sly gets the job, does that mean that his career in film would be over for a while? I don’t know ’cause it seems like Sly is slowing down when making movies and he might be retiring anyways so I guess this would be good for him.

If Sly takes this job, he’ll indeed get a liberal backlash, though. Liberals will probably boycott him just like liberals are boycotting Kanye for supporting Trump.

This would be great for Sly ’cause he knows a lot about the arts and entertainment industry.


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