Trump wants to make America Great Again for everyone, including those who are very liberal!!!

Once again it really bothers me why a lot of Trump supporters are freaking out over the special guests that Trump has at his Trump Tower for his meetings especially the special guests who are very liberal like the two people you see in the pic above. The two people you see in the pic above are Bill Gates and former NFL star, Jim Brown who are both very liberal people.

You see Trump is the kind of guy who is not on one side politically. Even the future President Trump knows that politics isn’t all that black and white. Trump wants to make America great again for everyone… including Hillary voters, Bernie supporters and those who are very liberal. He wants to make America great again for libertarians as well. It doesn’t matter what your political views are. He wants to make this country great again for all!

Given by the smiles on BIll’s and Jim’s faces it looks like they really enjoyed their meetings with Mr. Trump!

Trump already doing great things for America even if he isn’t sworn in yet. Trump just added more jobs to IBM company.

It saddens me to see that Trump supporters are getting disappointed in him ’cause of his cabinet picks and his meetings with liberal people. These are people who probably expect Trump to be a die-hard conservative… well he’s not really. He has some liberal views too. Trump has always been friendly with everyone.

If you stop being so fuckin’ one sided with your opinions, maybe you would like Trump after all? Turn off CNN, stop reading the Washington Post ’cause all they do is brainwash you one-sided garbage. If you want to see how Mr. Trump is a big deal to us, listen to him… the man himself… do not listen to the fake news media.



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