Sheriff Joe Arpaio to talk about Obama birth certificate on Thursday… hopefully to take down Obama once and for all…

Ya see? Even though Obama’s presidency is just about over, there’s no stopping of him being investigated still. Yeah, the birth certificate is still under investigation like I’ve been saying for a long while. Sheriff Joe Arpaio set to reveal some stuff about Obama birth certificate Thursday.

Hopefully Sheriff Joe will prove that’s it’s fake once and for all. Trump may have changed his stance on the birth certificate but lets hope Trump does something about Obama once it’s proven to be fake. Even if Trump now believes the birth certificate is real, I’m still not gonna believe it though. I’m sticking to my guns no matter what anyone says. Barack is asking for a lot of prison time too if this is proven to be forgery. That’s a criminal act.

Hopefully this will expose Obama big and take him down for good. Hopefully Sheriff Joe doesn’t disappoint us by saying “no evidence” of being forgery ’cause that would suck.


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