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I didn’t really need Sheriff Joe Arpaio to tell me that Obama’s birth certificate is fake, I knew it from the get-go…

Sadly this is being ignored by everybody today. Not only the media and the liberal community ignored this… most of the “alt-right” community and a lot of Trump supporters are ignoring this too. This has caught some Trump supporters attention but not enough.

Hopefully Mr. Trump will get around to watching that press conference video above and hopefully Mr. Trump will get back to talking about it. Trump shouldn’t move on from the birth certificate issue at all. Trump needs to get on it hard and pressure Obama about it. Mr. Trump was getting onto Obama pretty good about it until he decided to finally stop busting on Obama for it. Then Mr. Trump finally decided that Obama was born in the US. Maybe Trump just did that just to shut Obama and his liberal friends up? Hopefully Trump isn’t done with the birth certificate thing for good.

On top of that, I always knew that the Obama birth certificate was fake from the get-go. All you had to do was look at it on the White House website and you can tell there are all kinds of things wrong with it. I mean, whoever did photoshop on it was a really bad photoshop artist for sure. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it’s fake. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are still gonna be all kinds of delusional losers out there who will always believe that Obama was born here no matter what kind of proof is shown. There will always be those delusional losers who will always believe that Obama is still a US citizen just because his mother Anne Dunham was born here, blah blah. I mean fuck, I don’t even know that if Anne Dunham is really Barack’s mother and I wouldn’t be surprised that she really isn’t so ya never know.

Who cares… Obama was never eligible to be president of the United States. Liberal media and Congress let him get away with it, big time. I’ve been talking about the Obama b.c. issue on my blog for a long time and there’s been nothing but controversial debates about it and I won every time.

I think it’s actually great that Sheriff Joe closed the Obama b.c. case before his presidency went out. Smart move and I mean that. If Congress does nothing, hopefully President Trump will do something about it after getting sworn into office.

Sheriff Joe should stay low for a while after this ’cause he could have his name in the headlines where he died in a freak accident or committed suicide. Take your pick. Going after Obama can be deadly.

A lot of people refuses to discuss the Obama b.c. issue ’cause people can’t take the truth that we just elected an illegal President. Hopefully President Trump will speak out about this soon… he should at least tweet about it, that would be awesome.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio to talk about Obama birth certificate on Thursday… hopefully to take down Obama once and for all…

Ya see? Even though Obama’s presidency is just about over, there’s no stopping of him being investigated still. Yeah, the birth certificate is still under investigation like I’ve been saying for a long while. Sheriff Joe Arpaio set to reveal some stuff about Obama birth certificate Thursday.

Hopefully Sheriff Joe will prove that’s it’s fake once and for all. Trump may have changed his stance on the birth certificate but lets hope Trump does something about Obama once it’s proven to be fake. Even if Trump now believes the birth certificate is real, I’m still not gonna believe it though. I’m sticking to my guns no matter what anyone says. Barack is asking for a lot of prison time too if this is proven to be forgery. That’s a criminal act.


Hopefully this will expose Obama big and take him down for good. Hopefully Sheriff Joe doesn’t disappoint us by saying “no evidence” of being forgery ’cause that would suck.