In 2017, I’m gonna focus on studying rock & metal guitar… maybe prog rock too…

Like some of you know, I’m a rock n’ roll guy. I like all kinds of rock n’ roll. Regular rock, metal and prog rock. Not only that I’m a huge fan of metal, I’m also a huge fan of prog rock. I love prog rock bands like Rush, Yes, Jethro Tull, Dream Theater, Opeth, etc. I’ve played acoustic guitar for most of my life and I want to do something different.

Keep my focus on rock & metal guitar. Play like all the heroes that I looked up to over the years. So that means I’m gonna have to learn to study the technique and rhythm stuff for that kind of music. Gonna have to get good with the metronome and get good with music theory which is what I’m working on. I want to play great rock & metal guitar so I’m gonna have to learn all kinds of techniques like open string palm mutings and things like that. If I want to learn how to shred, I might have to learn sweep picking and two handed finger tapping and all that stuff. I would like to experiment with whammy bar dives but I don’t have a guitar with a whammy bar yet but I do want to get one. I do want to play like a shredder and virtuoso but working my ass off to get there. I’ve been playing guitar for like 20 years and still feel I haven’t gotten there yet but I will. I’m still learning ear training and improv skills too ’cause if you want to play rock & metal gotta have a good ear. Having a good ear is crucial to metal. I love rock & metal guitar and I finally want to get into that full time.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up the acoustic ’cause I will always play that too but I spent most of my life playing acoustic and honestly getting kind of tired of it. I just want to do something else and rock out, man. I want to rock on the guitar this time and rock hard on the electric. I believe I’m capable of making some badass and tight rock riffs that will get you headbanging, just wait until I can show you what I can do.

If I were to do a metal album, what would it sound like you may ask? Well, my idea for a metal album would be in the similar vibe of Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Led Zep and the Sword maybe. That kind of sound. I want to bring back the 70’s rock sound that I grew up on is the idea. I believe I could make good rock & metal. I really want to make it happen sometime. It’s just the matter of coming up with money for studio time and finding the right musicians to play with is the problem. I’ll get it done somehow ’cause I want to do this.

I’ve been wanting to switch from acoustic guitar to electric guitar full time for a long while and actually gonna do it this time. Just want to rock and have fun.



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