Seems that Kanye is serious on running for 2024…

Kanye just posted that on twitter after his meeting with Trump at Trump Tower today. So it seems that Kanye is serious on running for prez in 2024.

I’m all for Kanye becoming prez after Trump ’cause Kanye actually has some pretty good ideas. Only thing that’s scary about Kanye becoming a future prez, that would make the Kardashians the first family. Imagine Kim Kardashian becoming our first lady someday? Hopefully they’ll be divorced before then. While I have no problem with Kanye and never did, I do have a problem with those Kardashians like everyone else. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians either. Just think that Kim Kardashian could become our first lady someday.

On top of that, maybe this is why Kanye wanted to speak with Trump today… maybe Kanye wanted advice from Trump on how to win elections and things like that, ya know? Kanye supports Trump ’cause Trump is one of the very few who wants to do something about Chicago violence and plus, Trump does more for black people than Obama has ever done. Trump knows how to handle race relations better than anybody while all Obama wants to do is divide us. There are a lot of black people who support Trump so you shouldn’t have been surprise to see that Kanye turned out to be a Trump supporter. Welcome to the Trump Train, Kanye. I never had a problem with Kanye but now I think I’m a fan and willing to start buying his records. We could soon have our first rapper as a president.

What Kanye album should I buy first? I’ll probably check out the one he released earlier this year… “The Life Of Pablo”. I do enjoy some rap, pop and R&B music.



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