The Obama birth certificate is a pretty serious issue that shouldn’t be given up on…

I may be a big fan of Trump and all but that doesn’t mean I’ll agree with everything he says or does. If he’s really giving up on the Obama birther thing and moving on from it then that’s a real shame.

So Trump is believing that Obama was born in the US just because Obama himself released it? Bullshit. That still doesn’t prove anything.

Everybody wants to say this Obama birth certificate isn’t a real issue and should focus on more important matters but to be honest, the Obama birth certificate is a serious matter. Seeking out the real truth of Obama’s birthplace shouldn’t be given up on. Here’s why…

  1. The Constitution – This is the most important thing. If a foreign person becomes president and gets away with it for 8 years, that would make the constitution look bad. It’ll make it look like the Constitution doesn’t matter.
  2. The American People – The truth should matter to the American people. There’s a pretty good reason why a foreign person can’t be president of the United States. Mainly it’s because it’s a safety and trust issue for the most part. We can’t always trust a foreign person being a US president.

I wouldn’t have given up on the truth. It should be continued to be looked into and continue to be investigated. Don’t let Obama think he can get away with something like this. Yes, lying about your birthplace is a big deal and it’s a crime. Fraud and forgery.

Obama wasn’t alone on hiding his actual birthplace. He had lots of help to keep his info hidden like his mother Ann Dunham for starters. The country of Kenya helped hide his info. The state of Hawaii also helped like his doctors and all that stuff. Obama spent loads of money trying to keep his personal info secret. He has also killed a lot of people who knew too much.

This shouldn’t be given up on. It ain’t over until it’s over as I believe the birth certificate is still being investigated.

So Obama releasing the birth certificate doesn’t mean it’s over. It isn’t over until it’s over. The truth will get found out somehow.

I have always believed that Obama wasn’t US born and still stick to that opinion right now. I don’t change. I stick to my guns.  I don’t care what anyone says or thinks.


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