Why aren’t liberals saying much about the Chelsea “bombing”??? Yes “bombing”…

The liberal community aren’t saying much about last night’s Chelsea bombing in NYC. I wonder why that is? The MSM are trying to brainwash people in thinking that this isn’t a serious attack and they’re trying to get us thinking it wasn’t terrorism. Maybe this is why liberals aren’t saying much about it. You don’t see any “Prayers to chelsea” posts in social networking by the liberal community.

Don’t listen to the bullshit MSM and corrupted politicians who claim this isn’t a serious attack. Any attack is very “serious”. Even if the attack didn’t kill any people but injured many, it’s still pretty serious no matter what you think of it.

And if there’s an explosion with a bomb, that’s terrorism

Ya know, each time an attack happens, the MSM will play political correctness with you and brainwash you at every turn which I’m getting so fucking tired of. Why is it so hard to call things for what they really are?

Instead, all the media is more worried about is blaming Donald Trump for something. I really despise the MSM so much. Anybody that takes what they say seriously is a stupid idiot. The more the media keeps up with their bullshit, the more Americans will support Donald Trump. That’s exactly how Donald Trump is gonna win the presidency ’cause we’re all fed up with the media’s crap and that includes myself.


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