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Barack’s real birth certificate gets more attention in conservative community again, thanks to Malik Obama (Barack’s half-brother)…

Malik Obama who is Barack’s half-brother posted that tweet yesterday and Obama’s birth certificate got attention in the conservative community once again. Sheriff Joe Arpao already did a press conference proving the birth certificate on the White House website was forgery so the real birth certificate had to be out there somewhere.

While Malik thinks he exclusively exposed the real Obama b.c., he didn’t. The Obama b.c. has already been exposed several years ago ( see video below):

It’s just that when the above video was first released, it got ignored by the media totally which is why it didn’t get that much attention. Barack’s real birth certificate didn’t get much attention until Malik posted it on twitter.

Ever since Trump admitted that Obama’s birth certificate was real, conservatives stayed silent about the b.c. issue since then and now controversy has blown up over again.

Maybe Malik already knew that the real b.c. has been exposed already, he just wanted to give it more attention which he did a good job of. There are some media outlets attacking him for it too, including some conservative media.

I believe the above b.c. looks like the real deal. Looks authentic enough to me. It’s been proven over and over again that Obama was born in Kenya but nobody cared. Obama shouldn’t have been president from the very beginning but it’s too late now. Obama already served his 8 years of presidency. Sucks.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to take Obama down when it shouldn’t be. It’s like, he’s not the king of the world or anything. Obama is just a man like the rest of us. Hopefully soon, President Trump will be the one to take down Obama finally over the wiretapping and the Wikileaks “Vault 7” dumps.

Hillary is not the only one that needs to be locked up. Lock up Obama too.


Malik Obama has more class than his idiot half-brother, Barack…

Here is Malik Obama, who is Barack’s half-brother posing for a pic with Kellyanne Conway. Even though Malik is not from this country and he’s from Kenya, It’s obvious that Malik loves the USA and respects us which is cool. It’s great that Malik supports Trump.

Malik seems like a pretty cool guy and I wouldn’t mind meeting him in person myself. 🙂


Obama will not be visiting his family in Kenya, including his half-brother and Mama Sarah…

It’s not surprising that Barack Obama will be avoiding his family when he visits Kenya later this month. He won’t be seeing his family members there and that includes his half-brother, Malik and his grandmother, Mama Sarah. Barack didn’t even inform them he was coming.


Well, gee, I wonder why? I think he’s afraid that info about Barack being born in Kenya is gonna get out there… after all, Mama Sarah was in the delivery room while Barack was being born in Kenya.


Barack is probably not going to Kenya to visit family & friends ’cause he has plenty there. Barack is just gonna go there do what he has to do and then he’ll take right off. He won’t stay in Kenya for long, I predict. Just do his speech and leave.