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Sasha Obama looks almost exactly like Jesse Jackson Jr. Is Sasha actually Jesse Jr’s daughter?

It’s no secret that Barack Obama is very close with Jesse Jackson Sr. Jesse Sr. was the one who helped arranged the marriage of Barack and Michelle with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In order to hide Barack’s homosexuality, they must adopt kids. So Barack and Michelle must of adopted Sasha from Jesse Jackson Jr. with the recommendation of Jesse Sr. Now I finally have a good idea where the young daughter, Sasha came from… now we should figure out where Malia came from and no she didn’t come from Michelle at all since Michelle is not even a woman.


You can’t deny that Sasha and Jesse Jr. look almost alike. You’re probably gonna deny that you can’t see the resemblance and lie about they look nothing like each other but gotta admit they do.

There are no photos of a pregnant Michelle. No birth records of the two Obama girls either when there should be.

The Obamas are obviously not a real family. If you think they are, you’re delusional. You have to ask yourself… why do they look angry all the time each time you see them together? Why are Barack and Michelle always apart most of the time throughout Barack’s presidency? This family spent too much time apart and don’t give me this “being a president is a hard job” excuse ’cause it’s bullshit. If Obama went on all of these golf trips and fundraisers, then he should have plenty of time to spend with Michelle and the two girls but instead he goes out there and does what he wants to do. Barack goes out there doing all the fun stuff while the family is stuck in the White House. That’s why they went on this 2 week vacation to Martha’s Vineyard ’cause Barack felt they needed to get out of the White House for a while since Barack spent most of his presidency golfing.

Barack can hide information about his private and personal life as much as he wants but sooner or later, the American people will find out everything.

Give it time, Barack. America will one day expose you and we will reveal everything about you soon enough… it’s coming for ya, Barack.


Obama goes to NYC with his daughters and his daughters dress up horribly…

Yep, a terrorist attack in Chattanooga just happened and predictable Obama goes off to NYC for a fundraiser and go see a play. Does all of this sound familiar to you? Obama did the same thing the day after the Benghazi attacks. The day after the Benghazi attacks, he took right off to Vegas for a fundraiser and he did the same to Chattanooga.

When things like Trayvon, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray happens… Obama shows more compassion to them than whites getting murdered. When blacks gets killed, Obama grieves with their families by sending them statements, giving them phone calls and having Obama admin. attend their funerals. How come Obama didn’t do the same to Kate Steinle? Can you see how this would make Obama a racist? Do you get it yet?

Anyway, it’s no surprise that Obama would go out and do fun things instead of grieving with the families of the 5 military men that were murdered in Chattanooga and grieving with the families of Kate Steinle. More proof that Obama maybe a racist against white people.

Here are a few photos of Obama’s NYC trip. The girls look horribly dressed, in my opinion. I guess they’ll do anything for attention so they can get their photos taken for gossip magazines like US Weekly or People, ha! They’ll be all over TMZ.

Obama all smiles like usual. Destroying American from within and he just doesn’t care.

It is understandable how Obama needs to take the girls out for once though since they probably live a boring life in the White House 24/7. Oh man, it’s gotta be so boring living in the White House. The girls probably never go out much at all. Why? How come? They’re in their teens now, they should be able to go out whenever they want to. Obama is always busy with his president stuff so he’s probably hardly ever around them that much.

On top of that, those girls aren’t even his real daughters to begin with. He calls them their real biological daughters but I find it a crock of shit. I wanna see proof that they are his real daughters. What about taking that paternity test, hey?