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Congrats UK, we in the USA love you! That means there’s hope for the USA too!

The UK just made history! They left the EU and now the UK have their own control of their country so the UK officially have their country back now… thanks to Donald Trump. See how Trump is inspiring other countries? People thought Trump would be an enemy to other countries but he proved them wrong once again. Trump will be a friend to other countries.

Not only that the UK finally left the EU, the corrupted Prime Minister, David Cameron step-down from office over there which is amazing to see.

Voting out the EU is a vote for Donald Trump and a slap in the face to Obama/Hillary.


Now the UK has their own “Independence Day” finally. The UK deserves to be free. Liberals in the UK and the USA are upset that the UK is now FREE but what do you expect from liberals? They always seem to get upset when a country wants freedom.

Donald Trump urged UK voters to leave the EU and the british people listened to Trump. It’s turning out that the Brits over there love Donald Trump which is so cool. Now that the UK is finally a free country, lets see if we can get our country back by electing Trump in Nov. Just something to be aware, Trump haters, the Brexit could lead to a Trump presidency in the White House over here. Nigel Farage just endorsed Trump.

Since the UK finally took out David Cameron, it’s possible to take out Obama over here. How about an Obamaxit next, hey?

I love British people and the UK. I’d love to visit England sometime and I will!


Will Britain leave the EU tomorrow?

I haven’t been following this “Brexit” stuff too much but after doing a little reading about it all today, I find it interesting. The people in the UK are hurting just like we are in the USA. The EU is hurting Britain and those british people are getting fed up of all the control they’re getting by Brussels. Kind of hard to explain but it goes something like that. British economy is hurting and they are having an immigration problem too. British people don’t want illegals pouring into their country either and I hear that their immigration problem is worse than the US. The British is full of government corruption just like the US and David Cameron is just as corrupted as Barack Obama. Cameron and Obama are pretty much the same. Seems that Cameron wants to destroy the UK intentionally just like Obama wants to destroy the USA.

I wish the UK best of luck in their voting tomorrow. I’m sure the UK will prevail on leaving the EU. I love British people.