There are good Muslims and bad Muslims, I just realized that after Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia…

Like most conservatives, I used to believe that all Muslims are bad people but after seeing Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia… my thoughts on Muslims began to change. I thought to myself, Muslims in Saudi were surprisingly very kind and nice to the Trump family… maybe Muslims aren’t all that bad? Not all Muslims are bad. Just some of them. There are peaceful Muslims and there are “radical” Muslims too so there is such a thing as good Muslims and bad Muslims.

The good Muslims don’t encourage violence and killing of innocent people but they let some of their religion get “radicalize”; therefor, some Muslims becoming evil and they let it happen. Trump’s message to Muslims that he urged the good Muslims to drive the evil Muslims out.

Even Piers Morgan happens to agree with Trump on that and I really like this write-up:

Yeah, there are good Muslims out there, I just wish some Trump supporters and conservatives would stop painting all Muslims like they’re bad people. Some of them are bad but not all of them. Islam is peaceful but “Radical Islam” is the problem.

I agree with Trump and Piers, it’s finally time for the good Muslims to speak out about “terrorism” and they need to help fight terrorism too. That’s why Trump gave them an arms deal so they can “drive” out the terrorists.

What happened at Manchester was sickening and we really need to destroy Isis pretty badly. “Radical Islam” and ISIS are the two reasons why we elected Trump to begin with. You would think the Manchester concert attack would be good enough for liberals to wake up but of course not. They will always be blind, ignorant and dumb. Always worried about offending Muslims and calling Trump supporters “Islamophobes”, “bigots” or “racists”. Nothing new here, y’all.

I’m not a big fan of Ariana Grande’s music at all but my thoughts and prayers go out to her too. Glad she’s okay and glad she’s safe. Hope that taught her a good lesson that Islamic terrorism is real. God bless the UK. We really need to take out ISIS pretty badly. It’s what we voted Trump for pretty much. It’s not that hard to understand.


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