I’ve been keeping my focus on guitar playing, could explain why blog is kind of slowing down…

Since I got my new electric guitar, I’ve been keeping my focus on that. Spending most of my time working on music. Practicing music, learning it and making it. I work on both. I practice trying to make my singing better too. I work on both singing and guitar. I want to be good at both singing and guitar.

I am loving electric guitar a lot, though. I wish I spent years of my life playing electric guitar instead of acoustic but I’ve played acoustic for like 20 years. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never give up the acoustic… I just want to do something different finally. See if I can play rock music and metal. Stuff I’ve always wanted to play.

As for singing goes, that’s going real good too as I notice my voice is getting a lot stronger. Getting more range. I was trying to discover my vocal range, see what range my voice is in and I was pretty surprised that I can sing up to one octave. I can sing up to C to C easily which is awesome and didn’t think I can do that. That’s as high as I can sing for now. My goal is to sing real high someday and I’m working on that. As much as I want to be a good guitar player, I want to sing good too. You can tell that I’m working on both very hard and practicing a lot.

Trying to post on the blog more but I’ve been focusing on music and other things. Enjoying life and all. Trying to stick with the fitness too. Admittedly, I slowly backed away from bodybuilding to do boxing and yoga instead. I didn’t give up bodybuilding but I did slow down on it ’cause I know boxing and yoga will get you in shape.

I’ve been spending lesser time on the internet doing other things. I’ll try to post more when I can think of things to post about.



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