Obama’s bullshit, “We don’t have a strategy” excuse…

I just heard Obama’s statement on Isis today in which he refers to them as ISIL. Noticing that he for some reason refuses to say their name Isis but calls them ISIL instead. Like most of Obama’s speeches, he just spews out a bunch of bullshit like usual. Typical Obama.

I kind of laughed when he said, “We don’t have a strategy yet. We need to make sure we’ve got clear plans. As out strategy develops, we will consult with Congress.”

Yes, only Congress has the power to declare war… not the president. Even if Congress declares war, Obama still won’t do anything about Isis. If you think it’s impossible to defeat Isis, you’re delusional. From the way I’ve seen what Isis is, they are not as dangerous and tough as they look. Of course, they can get easily get defeated by our soldiers. If we were able to go to war with Al-Qaeda through the Iraq/Afghanistan War, we can go to war against Isis. I used to be against war but when something like Isis comes up, war is needed.

We need to get rid of Obama and get a republican president who have the balls to DO something about Isis. If George W. Bush was still president, I’m pretty sure he would have done something.

And don’t buy into Obama’s lies when he said he will consult with Congress. When was the last time he consulted with Congress on something? Be honest now??? He won’t consult with Congress even if he had a plan to take down Isis.

It can’t be all that difficult to come up with a plan to take down Isis and hand it over to Congress for a vote. Obama is never gonna do that.

His whole statement today was just his way of saying, “Watch out, America… this is just the beginning of the Islamic state”.

Also, imagine how it would look if Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein said, “We don’t have a strategy…”.

Obama won’t do anything about his Isis ’cause he simply doesn’t want to ruin his plan on turning America into an Islamic state. His whole speech just said that. Him wearing a tan colored suit is a pretty good sign of that.

He wants Isis to be doing what they’re doing and you can see it on Obama’s face. He had no fear. No regrets. Obama refuses to say ISIS but instead refers to them by ISIL which is very scary. Another hint of his Muslim beliefs.

The UK is having severe terrorist threats now ’cause of ISIS and I’m betting you, Obama won’t do anything about that either. The UK is about ready to get added to their Islamic state.

Obama doesn’t give a shit. This is what he wants. Right now, I’m sure Obama is back to golfing or spending time with his family.

We need a real leader who is willing to fight back at these terrorists and freakin’ Muslims. Islam a peaceful religion??? Fuck off if you really think so. We need to get rid of the Islam religion and destroy them all.


5 thoughts on “Obama’s bullshit, “We don’t have a strategy” excuse…”

  1. ISIL is actually the more accurate name based on history and geography. Its mostly international news organizations that use ISIS.

    But yeah- Admitting we don’t have a strategy was probably one of the stupidest moves he has ever made. That should fall under the category of endangering National security.

    1. I don’t think ISIS or ISIL are the same thing, honestly. I wouldn’t look at wikipedia as credible source either.

      Here’s an interesting write up on the difference between the two… I don’t think they’re the same thing, in my opinion.


      The White House refers to it as ISIL instead of ISIS ’cause they try to make it look like that group was started during the Bush administration when it wasn’t.


  2. It doesn’t have anything to dp with the Bush Administration. The “L” is for the Levant, which comprises the are encompassing where ISIS/ISIL operate and want to control. It us more accurate a description than ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria).

    And my info did not come fron Wikipedia.

      1. Keep in mind the group is using the Arabic language, so they don’t really use the English acronym ISIS, or ISIL. In fact, they don’t even call themselves the Arabic equivalent of either. They’re ad-Dawlah l-ʾIslāmiyyah, or the Islamic State.

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