Sorry folks, but I still support traditional marriage, you can’t redefine it…

Some of you are probably wondering about my thoughts about the Supreme court, looking into Proposition 8 in California, and it’s also getting to the point where it maybe possible that gay marriage could be legal all over the USA. Back when New York State got gay marriage legalized, I’ve always said that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. It always has been and always will be (or should be). I don’t hate homosexuals, be who you want to be, I don’t care. You can’t redefine marriage and make it how you want it be, I’m sorry folks. You can’t rewrite history. God, has always intended marriage to be between man and woman. People just don’t understand the religion part of marriage, of how it originally was. A marriage between a man and a woman was meant to be set in stone. It doesn’t make any sense where a gay woman would call her wife, and wouldn’t make any sense for a gay man to call him husband. It’s all ridiculous and doesn’t sound right, in my opinion. It should always be wife and husband.

It’s hard to have a different opinion on gay marriage then everyone else, ’cause if you oppose to gay marriage, you’ll get accused of discrimination and people will hate you for it, just because you spoke out your beliefs.

I hope gay marriage doesn’t get legalized in the USA, it should stay the way it is. Of course, I have a feeling that gay marriage supporters will win this one because President Barack O’, WILL have a big hand in making it legal. He will help, I’m sure. I have no problem with gay people, it’s just that I have a problem with the same sex marriage thing. I’ve always have been a believer to traditional marriage and always will.

If you don’t like my opinion, you can stop reading my blog or unsubscribe, or whatever. From what I remember, Obama used to be against same sex marriage, but he did some major flip flopping for whatever reason. I’m not that religious, but this is a sin, and it’s disrespecting the bible.




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