Rambo will make comeback but will return to the small screen first, “Rambo V” is put on hold…

News on a new Rambo film has been pretty quiet lately and finally we got some news. Rambo will be making his comeback soon but first it will be to the small screen instead of the big screen. Yes, there is a Rambo TV series in development for FOX and Sylvester Stallone will indeed reprise his role as John J. Rambo for the TV show. The TV show will be a father and son duo.

Yes, “Rambo V” for the big screen is still happening but it is put on hold ’cause Sly has too many other projects in the works including “The Expendables” TV series which is still being planned as well.


So Rambo has a son now, hey? They’re probably gonna go for a plot idea that John Rambo finds out that he has a long lost son that he never knew he had and they meet for the first time. Sounds like an interesting idea.

Kind of funny though ’cause I just rewatched the first three Rambo films over the weekend and those films never get old. I’ll have to admit that the fourth Rambo film was kind of a let-down so hopefully Sly doesn’t direct “Rambo V” film ’cause I’ll admit that Sly isn’t the best director at all. He’s a talented actor, no doubt but I’m not afraid to say that he’s a bad director. He should stick with acting and not directing.

When Sly is ready to play Rambo again for the TV show, he’ll probably grow his long hair back for the role ’cause Rambo with short hair would be kind of silly.

Yep, I’m still a huge die-hard fan of Sly and always will be loyal to the guy. I’m looking forward to seeing “Creed” this week.


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