Carrie Fisher pressured to lose weight for “The Force Awakens” movie…

Carrie Fisher just made a confession that the crew behind “The Force Awakens” movie pressured her to lose weight so she can reprise her role as Princess Leia (or General Leia, just read that she’ll be a General now).

I’m sure the only reason Carrie agreed to take their request and lose the pounds is ’cause she didn’t want to lose the role. If she refused to lose the weight, they probably would have fired her. Back when she was young, she used to be really beautiful and gorgeous but she changed over the years as she got older. They wanted her to lose the weight so Leia can look young and beautiful again.

I can’t blame the crew though ’cause nobody wants to see Leia being a fat cow, ya know? They just wanted to make her appearance in the film right.

Can’t wait for the movie, though. It comes out in a couple of weeks!


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