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Dear Fox, please don’t end “The Following”…

So FOX has officially cancelled the serial killer drama, “The Following”. After Season 3 which the final episode will be this coming Monday, the show will be no more. I’m usually never upset of shows getting cancelled this soon but honestly, I’m kind of upset of this show ending this soon. While the ratings has been pretty low, the show is still very popular and has a lot of fans. Why is the show’s ratings so low and the show still has a lot of fans? Well the show is streamable for Netflix and Hulu. Maybe that’s the problem with online streaming. Online streaming will hurt ratings of these TV shows, I believe. That could explain why a lot of shows has been cancelled ’cause online streaming is taking over television.

Kevin Bacon tweeted himself about the show getting cancelled and it seems that he’s just as disappointed as the rest of us.

I’m sure FOX already has a script for Season 4 but it looks like it’s gonna go in the trash now.

It really sucks, man. I thought Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy were phenomenal together. James Purefoy who plays Joe Carroll, the leading villain was one badass TV villain. That’s part of why the show is so popular ’cause of Joe the serial killer cult leader. He was one entertaining as hell villain and he’s pretty likeable kind of like Dexter in a way.

Anyway, is this end of “The Following” for good??? I’d say never say never. Since FOX is getting so many complaints, maybe they will bring the show back for a mini-series or a TV movie like they did with “24”? That could still be a possibility.

The show was great, though. I loved all 3 seasons. Just wished it could last for a couple of more.


“The Following” Season 3 to start later than expected…

“The Following” Season 1 and 2 both started in the month of January. This time with Season 3, they are starting the show later. The Season 3 premiere will air on March 2nd and it will be a two hour season premiere.

Instead of waiting for the next season to appear on Netflix, I think I’ll just watch the next season on cable TV. Looking forward to the next season. It’s a great show. One of the best shows on TV right now.

I hope this show continues to be successful so it can last for a long time. This show is binge watch worthy, for sure.