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Kevin Bacon will reprise role as Valentine McKee for “Tremors” TV series…

I’ve always loved the first “Tremors” movie. I haven’t seen the other sequels ’cause I’m sure the other films would suck but the first one will always be a classic. Kevin Bacon is returning as his role as Valentine McKee and as you can see in the photo above, Kevin is already filming scenes for the TV show. Kevin also grew his long hair back (unless that’s a wig he’s wearing).


The TV show will be a continuation of the first movie so that does mean that other characters will be coming back? Fred Ward as Earl Bassett could he make a return or a cameo at least? There’s no doubt that Michael Gross as Burt Gummer would probably return but what about Reba McEntire as Heather? See the video below of Burt and Heather Gummer on a shooting rampage toward that monster.

The first “Tremors” movie is awesome and definitely a cult-classic, indeed. As for the TV show, I’ll check out the first few episodes to see how it is.


Dear Fox, please don’t end “The Following”…

So FOX has officially cancelled the serial killer drama, “The Following”. After Season 3 which the final episode will be this coming Monday, the show will be no more. I’m usually never upset of shows getting cancelled this soon but honestly, I’m kind of upset of this show ending this soon. While the ratings has been pretty low, the show is still very popular and has a lot of fans. Why is the show’s ratings so low and the show still has a lot of fans? Well the show is streamable for Netflix and Hulu. Maybe that’s the problem with online streaming. Online streaming will hurt ratings of these TV shows, I believe. That could explain why a lot of shows has been cancelled ’cause online streaming is taking over television.

Kevin Bacon tweeted himself about the show getting cancelled and it seems that he’s just as disappointed as the rest of us.

I’m sure FOX already has a script for Season 4 but it looks like it’s gonna go in the trash now.

It really sucks, man. I thought Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy were phenomenal together. James Purefoy who plays Joe Carroll, the leading villain was one badass TV villain. That’s part of why the show is so popular ’cause of Joe the serial killer cult leader. He was one entertaining as hell villain and he’s pretty likeable kind of like Dexter in a way.

Anyway, is this end of “The Following” for good??? I’d say never say never. Since FOX is getting so many complaints, maybe they will bring the show back for a mini-series or a TV movie like they did with “24”? That could still be a possibility.

The show was great, though. I loved all 3 seasons. Just wished it could last for a couple of more.


Settle down internet!! Kevin Bacon’s fat look is probably for a movie role…

Actor Kevin Bacon posted a selfie on his twitter page that sent the internet into a frenzy. He’s being accused of eating a lot and gaining weight but I’m sure he didn’t. He’s in the UK, probably filming a movie and this is a character he’s probably playing. If you noticed in the background, you can see a trailer that he just stepped off of which is probably the makeup department on a movie set. That’s what all that is on his face, it’s all makeup for a movie role. That’s really good makeup job, though. I’m sure it took the makeup artist hours to do.

Kevin Bacon is one of my favorite actors, though. He has been for many years. He plays a good role in that TV show, “The Following”.


“The Following” Season 3 to start later than expected…

“The Following” Season 1 and 2 both started in the month of January. This time with Season 3, they are starting the show later. The Season 3 premiere will air on March 2nd and it will be a two hour season premiere.

Instead of waiting for the next season to appear on Netflix, I think I’ll just watch the next season on cable TV. Looking forward to the next season. It’s a great show. One of the best shows on TV right now.

I hope this show continues to be successful so it can last for a long time. This show is binge watch worthy, for sure.


Started watching “The Following” Season 2 last night on Netflix…

Last night, I started watching Season 2 of the TV show starring Kevin Bacon titled, “The Following”. Season 2 is already even better than the first season. If you wanna see a binge watch worthy show, this one will do it to you. This show will get you hooked from the very start. I like the Joe Carroll story who is a serial killer and cult leader. Kevin Bacon’s character, Ryan Hardy, tries to hunt him down and tries to stop the cult thing he started.

If you like binge watchy shows like “Game of Thrones”, “Dexter”, “Breaking Bad”, etc. Check out “The Following”. I’d suggest everyone to check out “The Following” so the show can continue to be successful and stay on the air.

Kevin Bacon have been in so many great movies over the years, he’s one of my favorites but this is the best thing he has ever been in. It’s his best role, indeed.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber or on Hulu Plus or where ever, definitely check this show out. I’m probably gonna watch some more tonight.


You can now add, “The Following” to the list of my favorite shows on TV…

Earlier this week, I just finished watching Season 1 of “The Following” starring Kevin Bacon on Netflix. The show mostly got mixed reviews but in my opinion, I think this is one of the best shows on TV.

It tells the story about this teacher/writer named Joe Carroll who becomes a serial killer. Joe Carroll is obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe and most of his killings were inspired by Poe stories/poems. Joe wants to write a fictional novel of his own so to get ideas for his novel, he puts together his own cult of serial killers so they can help put his story together. A cult where it’s a group of people who worships Joe Carroll and will do anything he says. Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) who is an FBI agent tries to catch Joe Carroll and the rest of his cult.

I think some of the story can get quite frightening and some of it can be disturbing as well. It’s more of a suspense/thriller kind of story than horror, though. The characters are good. There are good characters you want to like and there are characters you love to hate. While Joe Carroll is the main villain of the show… he is actually kind of a likable villain. Joe Carroll is entertaining as hell and he’s the reason that kept me watching. Kevin Bacon kills it with his acting like usual, I think this is his best role.

I also think this show is pretty realistic ’cause “cults” do exist in the real world and so do serial killers. I thought the writing was good. It was unpredictable and had some interesting twists and turns. Yes, there are tons of Edgar Allan Poe references all over the show.

I thought the show was quite a ride and looking forward to Season 2 but it’s not streaming for Netflix yet. I’ll have to wait for Season 2 to get on there. Season 2 should be going on Netflix pretty soon I hope ’cause the new Season 3 just started airing on TV this week, I think. Netflix is slow updating TV shows for whatever reason.

With that being said, I thought “The Following” was an excellent show and hope it stays on TV for a long time. Even though the show got mixed reviews, it’s still doing well in the ratings so I think it’ll be on TV for a while.

You all know I love scary, creepy stuff. I enjoy murder stories and serial killer fiction. Not sure why, I just do. I’ve always liked dark and scary stuff for many years ever since I was a kid. The scary stuff just inspires me.


Report: Kevin Bacon set to star in a serial killer TV series, but he won’t be playing the serial killer…

Kevin Bacon is heading back to the small screen to star in a serial killer TV series, which will air on FOX. Kevin is mostly known for playing villains on the big screen in movies, but he won’t be playing the serial killer in this series. It looks like he’ll be playing the FBI agent. If all good with Warner Bros., the 1st season will have a 15 episode run.

More on the story, here.

I like Kevin Bacon as an actor but it seems that he’s been staying away from big screen movies and doing TV work more. Is this a sign that he’s about ready to hang up and retire from acting soon?

Kevin’s a great actor. Some of my favorite films that he’s been in are: The River Wild, Sleepers, Stir of Echoes, Death Sentence, and he was good in X-Men: First Class.



Film Review: “X-Men: First Class”

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn

Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence

Yesterday afternoon, before I went to see, “Battle of the Bands” at SPAC, I went to the mall to check out “X-Men: First Class” and do a little fun shopping after. I bought a few more books of the Game of Thrones “Song of Ice and Fire” series: “Clash of Kings” and “Storm of Swords”. Looking forward to reading the next book, “Clash of Kings” because I’m almost done reading the first one, “Game of Thrones”. I also picked up a few music CD’s from Best Buy. I picked up, Eddie Vedder’s new album, “Ukulele Songs” and Black Label Society’s new album, “The Song Remains Not the Same”.

On with my review….
Plot/synopsis: This is a prequel to Bryan Singer’s first “X-Men” movie. The story is the beginning of Magneto and Professor X. It started with their childhood to being grown men. The story tells how Magneto and Professor X became best friends, discovering their powers and having fun with it. They learn that other mutants have similar powers but each mutant can do different things. Together, Magneto and Professor X get together with the other young mutants to train each other their powers on how to use them better. The film features a lot of mutants from the X-Men comics such as Mystique, the White Queen, Beast, and Riptide. Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) knew Magneto since his childhood and Sebastian was the first one to discover Magneto’s powers. Sebastian starts his own group called, the Hellfire Club, because he was obsessed with taking over the world. President Kennedy announces that a Russian freighter is moving nuclear missiles to Cuba, so Professor X’s mutant team tries to stop that from happening to save the world.

That’s all I’ll go with the plot. I know there has been too many superhero films these days. They’ve been coming out like crazy. Most new superhero movies aren’t that great. In “X-Men: First Class”, I thought the writing was intelligently done, it was smart writing. Who ever wrote the script, is obviously a huge X-Men fan and he knows his shit with the characters, and the story. The screenwriter took it very seriously and I can tell. The writing was insightful, detailed and smart.

The acting of the cast was very well done. Could there be a few Oscar nominations with the acting in this movie? Maybe Kevin Bacon will get nominated for Sebastian Shaw, because I was impressed with him the most. Kevin Bacon played a lot of villain characters in movies such as “The River Wild”, “Hollow Man”, “Sleepers”, etc. I thought this was Kevin’s best villain role. Kevin did an excellent job playing a villain you really want to hate. He was a real psycho in this movie. I was also very impressed with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, they teamed up well together. I also loved Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, she was perfect for the character.

The movie is very action packed. The action scenes were pretty epic, a thrill ride. I thought the special effects and sound were beautiful. The musical score was amazing as well. Yes, the film had the whole package. It was a perfect superhero film. I thought this was the best new superhero film since “The Dark Knight”. Seriously, I had a fucking blast watching, “X-Men: First Class”. I was never bored and didn’t fall asleep once. This film made you wonder what it would be like if Mutants actually existed for real in this world.

Yes, Hugh Jackman makes a cameo in this film. No cameo from Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen though which is the only disappointing thing about this film. I’m sure there’s going to be a sequel where Professor X and Magneto face off each other.

Do yourself a favor and check this movie out this weekend! I FUCKING LOVED IT! I would go see it again!

Score for “X-Men: First Class – **** (4 stars as in “excellent”)


Report: Kevin Bacon in talks to play main villain in “X-Men: First Class”, is he Mister Sinister???

Actor Kevin Bacon is in negotiations to star as one of the main villains for Marvel’s, “X-Men: First Class”. It won’t be Magneto ’cause that role is already taken by, Michael Fassbender. It is rumoured that Kevin will be playing Mister Sinister, a villain from the X-Men Comics.

Deadline reports:


Mister Sinister wikipedia, the character that Kevin might be playing:


The villain that Kevin will be playing is being kept anonymous for now, but I’m sure the film makers will reveal what character he is playing soon.

This isn’t the first time, Kevin Bacon played a villain in films. This is where his acting is best at, playing the badguy. Kevin’s played the villain in such movies like: “The River Wild”, “Sleepers”, “Stir of Echoes”, “Hollow Man” and maybe a few others.

Kevin is an underrated acted and a talented one. I always admired his work. It’s about damn time he’s got a new movie role for the big screen, though. He hasn’t done anything new in a long while.

At first, I was never interested in the new X-Men movie since Bryan Singer dropped out, but now I’m interested again since Kevin maybe joining the cast!


Report: Kevin Bacon mugged in a NYC Subway station…

Actor and musician, Kevin Bacon, was in a NY city subway station, while waiting for his train to show up, he was fooling around with his Blackberry. A thief walked by and snatched the Blackberry out of his hand, and ran off. Bacon tried to chase after him to get his Blackberry back, turns out the thief is a faster runner than Bacon is.

TMZ reports:


In Hollywood movies, Bacon is able to hunt down criminals, but he isn’t able to do that in real life.

The comments in TMZ are wondering, why he used a Subway train to get where he needed to go in NYC when he has tons of money to go around in a limo or a taxi?

My guess is that Kevin doesn’t see himself as a celebrity. He sees himself as a guy doing work forĀ film which he makes a living off of, but he doesn’t see himself as a famous person.

He’s not that type of guy where he has bodygaurds, hides in limos with dark windows, etc. He wants to be part of the normal, every day world type, if you know what I mean. That’s probably why he is easy to notice out in public in NYC.

In other words, he wants to be a real person. He’s not that ego celebrity type where they can’t be seen by the public.