You can now add, “The Following” to the list of my favorite shows on TV…

Earlier this week, I just finished watching Season 1 of “The Following” starring Kevin Bacon on Netflix. The show mostly got mixed reviews but in my opinion, I think this is one of the best shows on TV.

It tells the story about this teacher/writer named Joe Carroll who becomes a serial killer. Joe Carroll is obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe and most of his killings were inspired by Poe stories/poems. Joe wants to write a fictional novel of his own so to get ideas for his novel, he puts together his own cult of serial killers so they can help put his story together. A cult where it’s a group of people who worships Joe Carroll and will do anything he says. Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) who is an FBI agent tries to catch Joe Carroll and the rest of his cult.

I think some of the story can get quite frightening and some of it can be disturbing as well. It’s more of a suspense/thriller kind of story than horror, though. The characters are good. There are good characters you want to like and there are characters you love to hate. While Joe Carroll is the main villain of the show… he is actually kind of a likable villain. Joe Carroll is entertaining as hell and he’s the reason that kept me watching. Kevin Bacon kills it with his acting like usual, I think this is his best role.

I also think this show is pretty realistic ’cause “cults” do exist in the real world and so do serial killers. I thought the writing was good. It was unpredictable and had some interesting twists and turns. Yes, there are tons of Edgar Allan Poe references all over the show.

I thought the show was quite a ride and looking forward to Season 2 but it’s not streaming for Netflix yet. I’ll have to wait for Season 2 to get on there. Season 2 should be going on Netflix pretty soon I hope ’cause the new Season 3 just started airing on TV this week, I think. Netflix is slow updating TV shows for whatever reason.

With that being said, I thought “The Following” was an excellent show and hope it stays on TV for a long time. Even though the show got mixed reviews, it’s still doing well in the ratings so I think it’ll be on TV for a while.

You all know I love scary, creepy stuff. I enjoy murder stories and serial killer fiction. Not sure why, I just do. I’ve always liked dark and scary stuff for many years ever since I was a kid. The scary stuff just inspires me.


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