Sharyl Attkisson starts her own website after resigning from CBS…

After mysteriously resigning from CBS, it’s looks like Sharyl Attkisson started a website on her own. What’s on her website? It has all of her reports about Benghazi, Operation: F&F, Obamacare, etc. all in one place. It’s looking like she doesn’t plan on working for other TV media and she’s just going solo as a journalist.

Check out her website here:

If you want to see how the Obama administration is responsible for “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” you should read her stuff. She’s the most “credible” journalist out there. She is one who deserves to be called a true journalist.

This is a website that the Obama administration is not going to like so I fear for her safety now. It’s looking like she’s going to keep doing her thing which is good.

She’s basically the only one trying to get the truth behind “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”. Why? Because this woman cares like most of us. She’s not doing this for herself or for money at all. She’s wants answers for the families of these victims who were murdered at these crimes. She’s a patriot and cares for the country like the rest of us.

If it’s someone that would get the truth behind “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”… it would be her.

Seriously, read her stuff. You might find her reports interesting. Of course, anything that has something to do with the Obama administration, you’ll still defend them. You’d probably call her a racist or call her reports “conspiracy theory”. Can’t you Obama defenders come up with better insults than that? It’s like that’s all you can come up with.


2 thoughts on “Sharyl Attkisson starts her own website after resigning from CBS…”

  1. Finally, someone that was in the LAMESTREAM MEDIA that has a bigger pair of cojones than these so called “MEN” of the said LAMESTREAM MEDIA. Good for you, Sharyl. If there is anything I can do for you, name it.

    1. I’m not Sharyl if that’s who you’re trying to talk to. I’m just a blogger helping to promote her website. This is the wrong place to ask Sharyl if she can do anything for you. She does have an official facebook page and she actually responds to people. Go to her facebook fanpage and talk to her there. I’m glad you agree that she’s a real journalist, though.


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