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What I can’t understand about liberals and terrorism…

Liberals really are a bunch of losers. Especially when it comes to things like Islamic terrorism and stuff. While it’s great that liberals are feeling compassionate and mourning the so-called deaths of ISIS victims, how come they don’t have a care for the 4 victims of Benghazi? If they claim they care for Americans so much, how come they show constant disrespect toward the 4 victims of Benghazi and Brian Terry who was killed at “Operation: Fast and Furious”??? They claim that these things happen all the time, American deaths happen under terrorism and it’s nothing new when they don’t feel the same toward ISIS.

Benghazi and Operation: Fast and Furious were pretty similar things to what’s going on with ISIS. Liberals care more for ISIS victims but they don’t have a care for other terrorist attacks and scandals that killed our Americans?

I think libtards care more for ISIS victims because they know that ISIS doesn’t potentially land Obama and Hillary into a lot of trouble. Libtards won’t care about American lives unless the terrorist attack could land Obama and Hillary into trouble with things like Benghazi and Operation: F&F, they would paint that stuff as “conspiracy theory” and would think that Americans should focus on more important things.

Liberals want justice for ISIS victims but they don’t care to get justice for Benghazi victims and Brian Terry??? Wow. This is messed up. Pretty funny coming from the same people who gave Bush so much garbage about the Iraq/Afghanistan wars due to the events of 9/11/01 that killed so many Americans.

Like they all say liberalism is a mental disorder and it really is.


Federal Judge orders DOJ to hand in Operation: F&F log documents by Oct. 1st…

Yep, no matter how long ago these crimes were… they won’t rest until they get to the bottom of them. That’s the way it works. There’s no moving on from anything.

A federal judge orders Eric Holder to hand in Operation: F&F log documents by Oct. 1st. The judge orders Holder to hand over the documents to Darrel Issa’s, Oversight and Government Reform Committee.


I wonder what the judge will do if they get nothing by Oct. 1st? Possible indictment for Eric Holder??? They don’t say what they will do if Eric Holder doesn’t hand in the documents. There’s gotta be a reason they are hiding the documents ’cause I’m willing to bet it’ll expose Obama and Holder working together on sending guns to drug lords in Mexico.

Some idiots think “Operation: F&F” was started by the Bush administration like with Operation: Wide Receiver and maybe others but I still stand by it that “Operation: F&F” was all Holder/Obama. Hopefully, those documents will prove that Holder/Obama started, “Operation: F&F” and not Bush.

Everyone’s got to blame Bush and it’s getting old. That’s the only defense people can come up with when it comes to Obama.


Sharyl Attkisson starts her own website after resigning from CBS…

After mysteriously resigning from CBS, it’s looks like Sharyl Attkisson started a website on her own. What’s on her website? It has all of her reports about Benghazi, Operation: F&F, Obamacare, etc. all in one place. It’s looking like she doesn’t plan on working for other TV media and she’s just going solo as a journalist.

Check out her website here:


If you want to see how the Obama administration is responsible for “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” you should read her stuff. She’s the most “credible” journalist out there. She is one who deserves to be called a true journalist.

This is a website that the Obama administration is not going to like so I fear for her safety now. It’s looking like she’s going to keep doing her thing which is good.

She’s basically the only one trying to get the truth behind “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”. Why? Because this woman cares like most of us. She’s not doing this for herself or for money at all. She’s wants answers for the families of these victims who were murdered at these crimes. She’s a patriot and cares for the country like the rest of us.

If it’s someone that would get the truth behind “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”… it would be her.

Seriously, read her stuff. You might find her reports interesting. Of course, anything that has something to do with the Obama administration, you’ll still defend them. You’d probably call her a racist or call her reports “conspiracy theory”. Can’t you Obama defenders come up with better insults than that? It’s like that’s all you can come up with.


Sorry guys but Benghazi/Operation: F&F investigations are never going away…

I understand that some want the US government and the American people to move on from Benghazi/Operation F&F crimes. I do too. However, these crimes will not be moved on from until we get to the bottom of it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Benghazi/Operation F&F can stay unanswered for as long they want… they’re not stopping the investigations until the truth comes out. Benghazi/Operation F&F can stay unanswered for 10 years or 20 or more… the investigations will never stop. It’s not over until it’s over. The reason these investigations needs to continue is ’cause it’s what is right for victim’s families. The victim’s families of these two crimes are still wondering what happened.

No matter how many suspects they find and get charged… they are still not the answers. It is just the Obama administration trying to cover themselves up even more. The investigations are still on going. While Congress is slowly investigating both crimes… we still need a full scale investigation for both of them.

I understand how it’s difficult to believe that Obama was behind both of these crimes but it can be possible, absolutely. You guys just don’t realize what kind of trouble Obama is in right now. He’ll be in even more deep shit when ever he is finally exposed for both crimes. That’s when the investigations for both will come to a close when the President is finally caught. Sorry but that’s the truth. Imagine all the charges Obama will be getting when he’s caught for both crimes. Oh man, he’s gonna get a lot of charges for sure. It’ll be more than just treason, obstruction of justice, murder, etc. He’ll get enough charges that’ll be worthy for prison sentencing for the rest of his miserable life.

I just laugh at how some people think nothing will happen to Obama whenever he’s caught. Really? Like it or not, this man needs to be in jail. Anybody who thinks there is nothing wrong with Obama is delusional and needs their fuckin’ heads checked. That’s why I delete a lot of your shit ’cause I can’t stand it when people think he isn’t capable of killing people.

It’ll be better if both crimes Benghazi/Operation F&F will be solved even sooner, though. I would like Obama to be caught during his presidency rather than after. They’re desperately trying to get Hillary as President in 2016 so they can help cover up Benghazi even more. Why? It’s because if they get a republican president in the White House in 2016, that guy won’t fuck around and he’ll be fast at getting to the bottom of Benghazi.

Hopefully, Barack and Hillary will both be caught before 2016. Eric Holder needs to get arrested too ’cause he was also part of “Operation: F&F”. I could care less what happens to Eric Holder after hearing about that he got hospitalized… let that murdering son of a bitch rot for all I care.

Whenever the Obama administration is finally caught and they are thrown in the back of police cars handcuffed and all… that will be a history making moment for sure. That whole administration needs to be out. Not just Obama: Hillary, Holder, Rice, Carney, Biden, Boehner, etc.

Both Benghazi and Operation F&F both deserve closures but somebody needs to be held accountable… it doesn’t matter if the President was responsible or not. They’re all liars and untrustworthy people. This is the most corrupt administration in history. If you don’t think so, then you must be on some good drugs that I might be interested in trying.