Started watching “The Following” Season 2 last night on Netflix…

Last night, I started watching Season 2 of the TV show starring Kevin Bacon titled, “The Following”. Season 2 is already even better than the first season. If you wanna see a binge watch worthy show, this one will do it to you. This show will get you hooked from the very start. I like the Joe Carroll story who is a serial killer and cult leader. Kevin Bacon’s character, Ryan Hardy, tries to hunt him down and tries to stop the cult thing he started.

If you like binge watchy shows like “Game of Thrones”, “Dexter”, “Breaking Bad”, etc. Check out “The Following”. I’d suggest everyone to check out “The Following” so the show can continue to be successful and stay on the air.

Kevin Bacon have been in so many great movies over the years, he’s one of my favorites but this is the best thing he has ever been in. It’s his best role, indeed.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber or on Hulu Plus or where ever, definitely check this show out. I’m probably gonna watch some more tonight.


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