Report: Kevin Bacon in talks to play main villain in “X-Men: First Class”, is he Mister Sinister???

Actor Kevin Bacon is in negotiations to star as one of the main villains for Marvel’s, “X-Men: First Class”. It won’t be Magneto ’cause that role is already taken by, Michael Fassbender. It is rumoured that Kevin will be playing Mister Sinister, a villain from the X-Men Comics.

Deadline reports:

Mister Sinister wikipedia, the character that Kevin might be playing:

The villain that Kevin will be playing is being kept anonymous for now, but I’m sure the film makers will reveal what character he is playing soon.

This isn’t the first time, Kevin Bacon played a villain in films. This is where his acting is best at, playing the badguy. Kevin’s played the villain in such movies like: “The River Wild”, “Sleepers”, “Stir of Echoes”, “Hollow Man” and maybe a few others.

Kevin is an underrated acted and a talented one. I always admired his work. It’s about damn time he’s got a new movie role for the big screen, though. He hasn’t done anything new in a long while.

At first, I was never interested in the new X-Men movie since Bryan Singer dropped out, but now I’m interested again since Kevin maybe joining the cast!


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