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Starting to watch the old “X-Files” show on Netflix to get ready for the new season in Jan…

Last night on Netflix, I started watching the old “X-Files” show on Netflix so I can get prepared for the new revival show in Jan. The new revival show won’t air on TV until Jan. 24th ’cause that’s the premiere date so I believe I have plenty of time to watch all 9 seasons of the original show. So I might have to do a lot of binge watching. I don’t mind ’cause X-Files has always been my favorite franchise. I watched the original show on TV when it first aired back in the day but I kind of want to re-watch it all again. I don’t really have to but I want to ’cause I love the “X-Files”. Love the show and saw the two big screen movies. I love Scully and Mulder. Of course, I mostly watch the show for Scully ’cause I always found that Gillian Anderson is pretty fuckin’ hot. Most importantly the stories are good and I dig sci-fi and UFO’s myself. The “X-Files” just rules. I’ve always been a big fan myself.


X-Files to officially return to TV with a six episode series, yes David and Gillian are returning…

This is pretty thrilling news as I’m a huge X-Files fan. Loved the show and I even loved the two big screen X-Files movies. Chris Carter is bringing back “X-Files” to FOX with a six episode series. Yes, David and Gillian are reprising their roles as Fox and Scully.

This is all the details they are giving us at this time. It is not yet known whether or not this is going to be a continuation of the original series or will it be a reboot? I would like to know myself.

It’s also looking like that the two big screen films that they made are being completely ignored so they are acting like the big screen movies never existed? Remember, they made two big screen films, “The X-Files” released in 1998 and “X-Files: I Want to Believe” released in 2008. Maybe this is the reason they have decided to go back to TV instead of the big screen ’cause “X-Files: I Want to Believe” was a box office failure.

Anyway, it’s awesome that David and Gillian still want to return to X-files so I’m looking forward to seeing this show.