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Mainstream media ignores latest X-Files episode that calls Muslims terrorists…

I know a lot of liberals out there are huge “X-Files” fans and I’m sure many of them are gonna stop watching & boycott the show after last Monday’s episode where the episode wasn’t afraid to call Muslims, “Radical Islam”. I finally got around to watching the episode last night on my DVR and to be honest, I was kind of shocked that Chris Carter would make an episode like this even though it was a great episode. I’m pretty sure the episode offended many liberals.

‘The X-Files’ draws backlash with Islamic terrorism plot

The mainstream media has been all over the new “X-Files” reboot for a while now… reviewing every episode and all that stuff but so far you don’t hear anything from them after this episode.

So the X-Files creator, Chris Carter decided to have some balls to tell the truth about Islam? You don’t see anybody talking about it in social networking either. I’m sure a lot of liberals are calling Chris Carter an Islamophobic person.

I find it pretty unfair that when people call Muslims terrorists, they get called, “Islamophobic” and racist. People should have every right to fear Islam after 9/11 and Benghazi. Kudos to Mr. Carter, that was a ballsy episode! I got a good laugh at the part where Mulder went to this Cowboy club and danced to “Achy Break Heart”, that was funny.


Is the new X-Files revival, a re-introduction of the show? Seems like it is…

I know the new “X-Files” is just finally starting this week. I watched the premiere last night which was absolutely amazing! It felt like watching the original show for sure. However, though, the show didn’t really feel like a continuation of some sort. It felt like more of a re-introduction. The show was re-introducing Mulder, Scully, Skinner and the Cigarette Smoking Man characters. Before you decide to watch the new “X-Files”, do you have to watch the first 9 seasons of the original show? No. You don’t really have to if you don’t want to ’cause the new “X-Files” revival is gonna be a standalone story for the most-part. I think the whole point of the new revival show is to help grow a new audience. The show is not just for die-hards. It can be for newbies too. I think the show wants to grow a wider audience before their next big screen movie ’cause I heard that Chris Carter is writing a script for “X-Files” big screen movie no. 3.

Anyway, I thought the first episode last night was amazing. David and Gillian still kill it even though they’re aging. I’m glad the show kept the original title sequence which was awesome. I was a little worried that they were going to change the title sequence and the opening credits a little bit but they didn’t. They kept it the same which was good. They kept the music the same too which was awesome as well.

I’m glad the X-Files is back finally. I think that if this 6 episode revival is a success then another big screen movie will probably happen.


Starting to watch the old “X-Files” show on Netflix to get ready for the new season in Jan…

Last night on Netflix, I started watching the old “X-Files” show on Netflix so I can get prepared for the new revival show in Jan. The new revival show won’t air on TV until Jan. 24th ’cause that’s the premiere date so I believe I have plenty of time to watch all 9 seasons of the original show. So I might have to do a lot of binge watching. I don’t mind ’cause X-Files has always been my favorite franchise. I watched the original show on TV when it first aired back in the day but I kind of want to re-watch it all again. I don’t really have to but I want to ’cause I love the “X-Files”. Love the show and saw the two big screen movies. I love Scully and Mulder. Of course, I mostly watch the show for Scully ’cause I always found that Gillian Anderson is pretty fuckin’ hot. Most importantly the stories are good and I dig sci-fi and UFO’s myself. The “X-Files” just rules. I’ve always been a big fan myself.


Report: X-Files 2 title unleashed…”I Want to Believe”…

20th Century Fox unleashed the title to the new X-Files movie today, it is titled “The X-Files: I Want To Believe”. The film will be released July 25th. No official trailer for the film has been released but a few bootlegged trailers are on the net though.

The Associated Press reports:


I’ll be seeing this one in theater as well. Can’t wait!