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Not A Cool Video: Mary J. Blige, Steve Vai, and Orianthi butchers “Stairway to Heaven”…

I like Steve Vai and Orianthi, and all. Both are amazing guitarists, but why would they go on Idol to cover “Stairway” with Mary J. Blige? I know they’re trying to be cool by covering Led Zeppelin, but this cover version is such an embarrassment, it makes me want to vomit all over the place. Did Simon Cowell actually enjoy this? This is such a nightmare performance. I know Mary J. Blige is trying to be rock n’ roll, but she doesn’t fit the genre. Sorry, Mary J., go back to R&B where you belong. She’s getting a pretty big backlash for covering this song too. What were Jimmy Page and Robert Plant thinking when they gave her the permission to cover it? Wow, this is terrible.


Report: Noel Gallagher is also top contender to replace Simon Cowell on “Idol”…

Now this one is even better than Perez Hilton! If A.I. hires Noel to be judge, I would definitely watch for sure! If you read Noel Gallagher’s interviews through the internet, music magazines, the radio, etc. you would know for sure that Noel is brutally honest with music. Noel is rude and crude. When he thinks music sucks, he’s not afraid to say it even if it’s really harsh and mean, he’ll be open about it. Only problem is though, Noel swears and cusses a lot. Noel will say things like, “that’s fucking shit” and all that. That’s him, it’s his dark sense of humor. So, A.I. would definitely have to be careful with him ’cause Noel wouldn’t help himself but say something very offensive that’s too bad for TV. I don’t take what Noel says seriously ’cause I find him a funny guy myself. He’s another good choice.

Plus, it’ll be a great opportunity for Noel Gallagher to give a plug to his upcoming solo career that he has planned. He could become a well known solo musician just by being a judge for, A.I. and I think this is a good idea for Noel.



Report: Howard Stern, in talks to replace Simon Cowell on “Idol”???

Rumours hit the internets that Howard Stern is in talks to replace Simon Cowell on “Idol”. Source claims that “Idol” just started searching for a replacement, denying the rumours, but who knows.

If they are serious about Howard, they better be careful with him because Stern is one crazy guy. I don’t see Howard being mean and nasty to bad singers at all. He might make fun of them and crack jokes about them, but he definitely won’t be that mean knowing that Stern is actually a friendly guy…and he has a sense of humor with an NC-17 attitude. Can you see Stern saying a bunch of perverted and sexual things to female singers that are beautiful? Do you want him doing that? He’ll be like, “Oh you look so hot, look at those breasts”, like he says on his radioshow constantly. Do you want Stern asking singers, “How often they get laid”?

Sorry, but Stern is definitely the wrong pick. I’m sure Stern will be ordered by FOX to clean his act up for a family friendly show, but he won’t be able to help himself but crack out dirty jokes by accident. Everyone knows how Stern really is. I can see Stern being nice and friendly to all the beautiful female singers no matter how bad they sing. Plus, who wants to see Howard Stern and Ellen Degeneres making fun of each other all the time? I don’t. Stern belongs on his radioshow which is what he’s best at! He don’t need, “Idol”.



Report: Perez Hilton wants to take over Simon Cowell…and I agree with it!!!!

I usually hate this guy, Perez Hilton, the gossip blogger, but he wants to take over Simon Cowell. Simon announced early he’s leaving American Idol for good after this season is over with. I’ve actually been thinking about Perez taking over. He’s the king of controversy in the media. His blog site is very popular and with Perez being on A.I. would indeed, help raise the ratings. I can definitely see him being meaner than Simon. Perez is a good pick. I’d say they should get him, I’m serious about this. I doubt FOX would get him, they’re probably gonna go with Piers Morgan instead. Either choice would make me happy. Either Perez or Piers Morgan would work.



Cool Video: First look at the Osbournes, “Reloaded”, variety show…

First TV commercial for “The Osbournes: Reloaded” variety show. It actually looks kind of funny. I especially laughed at those two little kids pretending to be Ozzy and Sharon. Hilarious. I might give this show a shot and watch the first episode to see how it is. It might be entertaining and might be successful.

Oh yeah, and Kelly Osbourne is looking kinda hot too.


BREAKING NEWS: “Watchmen” feud is officially over, FOX agreed to let Warner Bro’s release the film!!!!!

Oh my!!!! What a huge surprise!!! I guess the two studios, Warner Bros. and FOX didn’t want to wait for the Jan. 20th trial and set the deal early!! I’m sure all “Watchmen” fans are extremely happy now as I am myself. Warner’s and FOX settled a deal, FOX is allowing Warner’s to release “Watchmen” on March 6th as planned. Warner’s will NOT share any logos of FOX in the film, however, FOX gets share of the gross profits to whatever the film makes. The Jan. 20th trial will probably be dropped now that the deal has been made.

Variety Reports:


A few guesses on why FOX suddenly changed their mind on wanting to destroy the film……

1. Warner Bros. showed FOX a private screening of the film. FOX actually loved it too much that they think they can make good bucks off of this.

2. FOX realized that they would become the most hated movie studio if they did destroy the film, they want to avoid a public outrage by the “Watchmen” fans.

Either way, I’m so happy the film is being released March 6th and will see the film that day!! Glad this damn feud is all over with. It was all silly and lame anyways.


Report: Allllllllll Abooooarrrrddd BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The Osbournes coming back to TV this Spring!!!

Yes, that’s right…Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack aka The Osbournes are returning to TV this Spring with a new variety show. The new variety show will be featuring comedy skits, impersonations, audience games, etc. The Osbournes already filmed their first episode and will air on FOX later this Spring. The name of the show is titled “The Osbournes: Reloaded”.

More on it here:


When will they get through their thick heads that no one cares for the Osbournes? Ozzy was known for metal music, not as a TV celebrity star that he’s turning himself into which is making me sick. He’s no longer the Prince of Darkness that he once was. Turning his entire family into famous celebrities, makes me want to barf. This show is going fail, just like their first TV show failed which only lasted two seasons.

I still think John Mayer’s upcoming variety show will be a hit ’cause America cares about him and the ladies will be all over that show.


Report: FOX vows to shut down “Watchmen” superhero movie…

It is Fox vs. Warner Bros in a heated battle over the film “Watchmen” a superhero film adapted from the graphic novel by DC Comics. Back in February, Twentieth Century Fox filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros, claiming that Warner Bros. never had the rights to adapt the graphic novel into a live action motion picture. The judge learned that FOX did get the rights to make the film by the graphic novel’s authors Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons before Warners even did.

This is what made the judge deny a motion to dismiss Fox’s lawsuit over Warner’s rights to make the film. The officials at FOX would not want the film to be released through their company since it was made by Warner Bros, instead FOX wants to see the film killed for good and not get released at all. Warner Bros. went on the defense still saying that FOX had no rights to make the film and look like Warner Bros. want to keep the battle on so the film can get released.

Variety Reports:


Oh my, this is bad news for the Watchmen and the film could get canned!!!

I saw the trailer for it and the movie looks very good and interesting.

This is why I hate FOX. FOX are a bunch of egos and sleazy pricks. FOX clearly don’t care about the fans of the Watchmen who have been anticipated to see this film for a long time.

I hope this film gets released, and I’m sure Warner Bros. will win. See the trailer of the film below. Warner Bros, you got my back and my support. Kick FOX in the ass!!!!!