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Report: Alan Moore, angry over “Watchmen” prequel announcement by DC, lawsuit coming???

DC Comics recently announced the huge news that they plan on making a 7 part prequel series to Alan Moore’s hit graphic novel, “Watchmen”. Alan Moore, the creator of “Watchmen” himself is not happy with this and he wants this project to get stopped.

Read what Alan Moore have to say, here.

I’ve read, the “Watchmen” graphic novel, and it’s way better than the movie by Zack Snyder. I also agree that the prequels shouldn’t happen. They shouldn’t happen without Alan Moore being a part of it, at least.


Film Review: Watchmen

Starring: Billy Crudup, Carla Cugino, Malin Akerman

Directed by: Zack Snyder:

Plot/synopsis: A former “Watchmen” superhero is murdered, the murder gets investigated by a new group of superheroes named the “Watchmen”. The film is set in 1985 in which they have something called the “Doomsday Clock” which charts the USA’s tension with the Soviet Union 5 minutes before midnight. The adventure leads to a romance triangle between two superheros over a superhero woman named Silk Spectre (played by Carla Cugino), Silk is in a romance storyline with a man that glows bright blue, named, Dr. Manhatten (played and voiced by Billy Crudup). The “Watchmen” wants to save the world but this romance over Silk kind of gets in the middle of all of it.

Hmmmmmmm, after seeing this piece of crap, I am now wishing that Twentieth Century Fox destroyed this movie during that fued. I was pretty bored throughout the entire thing. Yes, the CGI graphics were pretty impressive but that still couldn’t save the movie. I was expecting a superhero action flick, we got a little bit of that, but it turned out to be a lame love story and soap opera.

This movie was fucking cheesy and goofy as hell. I didn’t like it. Bad writing, bad acting, the costumes of the superheroes looked pretty hilarious.

I thought this was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. Please, wait for DVD on this one. I wanted an action packed superhero film which what I was expecting to see, but instead we get “Days of Our Lives” mixed in with superhero comics. The first half of the movie was all action packed, the second half, was a cheesy soap opera.

I now feel like a damn idiot pulling for Warner Bros. to win this feud. Although Fox won the feud, I wish they went ahead and destroyed this film because this film was a piece of garbage.

Ah well, it happens, you go to a movie and you end up not liking it at all. There are better movies coming out later this year, so I’m not worried about it. There is still, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, J.J. Abrams “Star Trek”, “Terminator: Salvation”, etc. All kinds of great movies coming out this year. Just don’t waste your money on “Watchmen”. Whatever you do.

Score for “Watchmen” = * poor (as in bad)


BREAKING NEWS: “Watchmen” feud is officially over, FOX agreed to let Warner Bro’s release the film!!!!!

Oh my!!!! What a huge surprise!!! I guess the two studios, Warner Bros. and FOX didn’t want to wait for the Jan. 20th trial and set the deal early!! I’m sure all “Watchmen” fans are extremely happy now as I am myself. Warner’s and FOX settled a deal, FOX is allowing Warner’s to release “Watchmen” on March 6th as planned. Warner’s will NOT share any logos of FOX in the film, however, FOX gets share of the gross profits to whatever the film makes. The Jan. 20th trial will probably be dropped now that the deal has been made.

Variety Reports:


A few guesses on why FOX suddenly changed their mind on wanting to destroy the film……

1. Warner Bros. showed FOX a private screening of the film. FOX actually loved it too much that they think they can make good bucks off of this.

2. FOX realized that they would become the most hated movie studio if they did destroy the film, they want to avoid a public outrage by the “Watchmen” fans.

Either way, I’m so happy the film is being released March 6th and will see the film that day!! Glad this damn feud is all over with. It was all silly and lame anyways.


Report: Twentieth Century Fox to actually let Warner Bros. release “Watchmen”???

This is really good news for “Watchmen” fans. Fox may have had a change of heart with Warner Bros. and may actually allow Warner’s to release the film!!! Warner’s and Fox are both in negotiations in hopes of releasing the film to proceed with the original planned March 6th release date. There maybe a possible settlement and might end the fued for good.

Variety Reports:


If FOX allows Warner’s to release the film, I’ll have a change of heart with FOX as well. Although FOX maybe coming out in good terms with Warner Bros. now, I still don’t trust them FOX assholes. It’s a good thing they’re doing and lets keep our fingers crossed if the film gets released. I really want to see it myself!!!


Report: Fox vs. Warner Bros. feud won’t end anytime soon, studios will still battle over “Watchmen”…

Fox wants to battle Warner Bros. for the “Watchmen” movie? Well Warner Bros. studios is not backing down for a settlement or an appeal. Warner Bros. said, “BRING IT ON FOX”, the fight is still going on!!!

The Jan. 20th trial is still on and I too am looking forward to that day to see how that feud is going to play out. That Jan. 20th trial will be pretty heated. I’m sure the trial will be full of back and forth shouting.

I’m still feeling that WB’s will win, they’ll figure a way to buy the distrubition rights with good attorney’s.

Variety Reports:



Report: Judge wants Warner Bros. to settle “Watchmen” with Fox or make an appeal…

Judge Feess says that Warner Bros. should settle with Fox or make an appeal, if they still want to release the March 6th picture of the comic book superhero movie “Watchmen”.

The “Watchmen” trial is still on for Jan. 20th however, WB’s must be prepared for a settlement. The Warner Bros. version of the movie could possibly still be released, but it’s now all up to FOX if they want it released.

Variety Reports:


If FOX allows Warner Bros. to release it, the film would have to be released and distributed under the FOX name with the Warner Bros. name not being used in the opening credits, that’s how I could see it being done.

It would be sad if FOX bans Warner Bros. version, just so FOX can make their own version. I really hope FOX will have a heart by releasing it under their name but I seriously doubt that will happen. FOX would want to make their own version of “Watchmen”, but we’ll wait and see what happens.

If FOX does let Warner Bros. release it, then I’ll have a change of heart with FOX as well. The Warner Bros. version seems like a lot of work and a high budget movie, it be a waste of money and waste of time for them if their version don’t get released at all. Lets cross our fingers if FOX will let them release it. If not, then boycott Twentieth Century Fox.


BREAKING NEWS: Fox wins feud against Warner Bros. over “Watchmen”, judge discovers Fox owns the copyrights…

I’m usually never shocked and surprised by any news stories, but yes, I’m very shocked with this story. After a Christmas morning of unwrapping my gifts with family, I turn on the computer and the sad news that Twentieth Century Fox has proven once again they own the distribution rights to the “Watchmen” movie.

While the trial was pushed back to Jan. 20th, Judge Gary Allen Fees did some more investigation and that’s when he discovered that Fox owns “Watchmen”. The judge will give out a more detailed ruling of the film soon.

Warner Bros. never backed down, they continue to make and to release the film. The film was originally supposed to be released March 6th, but now it looks like Fox is going to win this battle, we may not even see the film get released at all.

Variety Reports:


Yep, I hate officially hate Twentieth Century Fox. Fox owns the copyrights to the movie, true, they have every right to do what they want, but it’s clear Fox could give a rats ass about Watchmen fans looking forward to the movie.

That’s what happens when your ego get so high up in your head, Fox are a bunch of shady and greedy morons anyway. It’s no surprise, ’cause Twentieth Century Fox is owned by News Corp. Rupert Murdoch is a greedy rich man and it would not surprise me if he had something to do with hiring Fox to battle “Watchmen” from Warner Bros. Rupert and News Corp are all douchebags. I’m dissapointed by this news.


Report: “Watchmen” trial date pushed back to Jan. 20th…

A Los Angeles federal judge moved the Twentieth Century Fox vs. Warner Bros. “Watchmen” trial back to Jan. 20th. The reason is, Judge Gary Allen Fees announced, he had to handle a criminal matter on Jan. 6 which was the original trial date for “Watchmen”.

For those who had forgotten what this war is about, Twentieth Century Fox claims they own the rights to the “Watchmen” graphic novel written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons so Fox can make it into a movie themselves. Too late, Warner Bros. already made the movie and Warner Bros. claim they own the copyrights, not Fox. Fox filed a federal suit aagainst Warner Bros., demanding that Warner Bros. not make the film and not release it at all. Meaning that Fox wants to destroy Warner Bros. “Watchmen” project forever.

Zack Snyder, the director of “Watchmen” has never backed down, they are still moving forward on releasing the film even if they have a lawsuit on their hands. “Watchmen” has already released another trailer and more posters, and the release date for the film is still March 6th, 2009. Warner Bros. continues to fight for their copyrights of the film.

Variety Reports:


See the new trailer for “Watchmen” here:


I’m still feeling that Warner Bros. will win this battle all the way, so they can release “Watchmen”. Warner Bros. will be victorious. Hang in there, Warner Bros., keep fighting. FOX are a bunch of greedy assholes anyway.

I bought the “Watchmen” graphic novel by Alan Moore, a while back but haven’t read it yet because I’m still reading the “Twilight” series. I will start reading the “Watchmen” graphic novel soon though before the movie comes out. I want this film to be released. It would be sad if Twentieth Century Fox wins and if FOX took “Watchmen” away from us, I will never watch a film by Fox again if they win the battle. Warner Bros. has my support.