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Report: FOX vows to shut down “Watchmen” superhero movie…

It is Fox vs. Warner Bros in a heated battle over the film “Watchmen” a superhero film adapted from the graphic novel by DC Comics. Back in February, Twentieth Century Fox filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros, claiming that Warner Bros. never had the rights to adapt the graphic novel into a live action motion picture. The judge learned that FOX did get the rights to make the film by the graphic novel’s authors Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons before Warners even did.

This is what made the judge deny a motion to dismiss Fox’s lawsuit over Warner’s rights to make the film. The officials at FOX would not want the film to be released through their company since it was made by Warner Bros, instead FOX wants to see the film killed for good and not get released at all. Warner Bros. went on the defense still saying that FOX had no rights to make the film and look like Warner Bros. want to keep the battle on so the film can get released.

Variety Reports:


Oh my, this is bad news for the Watchmen and the film could get canned!!!

I saw the trailer for it and the movie looks very good and interesting.

This is why I hate FOX. FOX are a bunch of egos and sleazy pricks. FOX clearly don’t care about the fans of the Watchmen who have been anticipated to see this film for a long time.

I hope this film gets released, and I’m sure Warner Bros. will win. See the trailer of the film below. Warner Bros, you got my back and my support. Kick FOX in the ass!!!!!