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Report: Allllllllll Abooooarrrrddd BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The Osbournes coming back to TV this Spring!!!

Yes, that’s right…Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack aka The Osbournes are returning to TV this Spring with a new variety show. The new variety show will be featuring comedy skits, impersonations, audience games, etc. The Osbournes already filmed their first episode and will air on FOX later this Spring. The name of the show is titled “The Osbournes: Reloaded”.

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When will they get through their thick heads that no one cares for the Osbournes? Ozzy was known for metal music, not as a TV celebrity star that he’s turning himself into which is making me sick. He’s no longer the Prince of Darkness that he once was. Turning his entire family into famous celebrities, makes me want to barf. This show is going fail, just like their first TV show failed which only lasted two seasons.

I still think John Mayer’s upcoming variety show will be a hit ’cause America cares about him and the ladies will be all over that show.