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Piers Morgan on ISIS and terrorism: “We should listen to Donald Trump!”

Come on liberals… enough of this “support everything left, hate everything right” crap ’cause politics isn’t all that black and white, ya know what I mean? Sometimes you have no choice but to admit that Donald Trump is right on some things including terrorism. Even though Piers Morgan is a die-hard liberal, this is a pretty interesting article that he wrote.

It doesn’t matter who’s left or right. Mr. Trump wants to make all Americans safe. He wants to protect us all! What part of that can’t you understand, hey? You don’t have to hate Mr. Trump on EVERYTHING just because he’s part of the GOP. Stop being so one-sided.



My thoughts on the Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones feud?

Someone on here asked me my thoughts on this Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones feud that exploded in the media.

This whole controversy started when Piers interviewed Larry Pratt on his show. Larry simply said that the only way to battle crime in the United States is that America needs to have more guns (which I agree with, by the way) and Piers got his panties in a bunch by saying that Larry is an evil man and dangerous. The controversy blew up from there. So a petition ended up being posted on the White House website urging Piers to be deported because he wanted more gun control. I believe the petition was started by Alex Jones.

So whose side am I on? Neither. I’m neutral on this one.

1. Yes, Piers Morgan is a douchebag, always has been. I always hated the guy. If he wants to have more gun control, that’s fine, that’s just his opinion, but he shouldn’t have to be deported for it ’cause of the 1st Amendment. Piers has a right to have an opinion just like we all do. I may not like the guy, but he has a right to say what he wants. Should he get deported and get sent back to his home country, the UK? No. I didn’t even bother signing the petition. I don’t agree with Piers’s thoughts on gun control, either! He shouldn’t have to attack Larry Pratt’s opinion because he didn’t agree with it. Larry Pratt actually brought up a very good point. I totally support the 2nd Amendment, and we need guns to protect ourselves so we don’t have to be looking over our fucking shoulders when we get out of the house.

2. I don’t like Alex Jones either. I agree with him that we shouldn’t alter the 2nd Amendment laws, but he is wrong on calling out Piers Morgan. Plus, I think Alex is just being an attention whore. A publicity stunt to help promote his stupid radio show. Just a guy trying to get more recognition.

We can’t take away our second amendment rights. If we’re going to get our gun rights taken away, what’s gonna happen? There”s going to be even more violence. People will always try to get their hands on guns illegally, no matter how much the government tries to change things. When will people get that through their thick heads?

What if you’re walking the street and if you got shot in the head out of no where? What if you’re at a bank or a public store and a robbery is being taken place? What if you got stuck in the middle of a mass shooting yourself? Things like this is why we need the 2nd Amendment. If every American gets a gun permit and gets a gun legally, train to use it right, then crime in America will be less and less. Think about it a few minutes. Seriously.


Howard Stern on Piers Morgan tonight…

Yes, I watched it. It was a great show too. Howard is entertaining like he usually is. Basically, Howard just went on his show to explain himself. To get people to understand him better. Howard did a great job too. If you ever wondered why Howard is obsessed with sex so much, he was honest and open about that. He explained how he is fascinated by sex and how people get into it. He doesn’t have sex with other women though since he is married and he is faithful to his wife. Howard sure is not afraid of asking personal and sexual questions to people. If people refuse to answer sexual questions by Howard, the guy will talk you into it. For those who listen to him on Sirius, Howard will reveal your sexual life to the public. Piers asked him about all that stuff too. It was interesting.

Sex stuff aside, I loved it when Howard bashed Larry King and Jay Leno. He talked a lot about Robin Quivers, his side kick. He talked about his parents, career. He even talked about music and admitted he is a big fan of Miley Cyrus.

I don’t like Piers Morgan but I just watched this show for Howard. I’m sure it did well in the ratings too, ’cause Howard has a lot of fans and he is very popular.


BREAKING NEWS: CNN admits Piers Morgan taking over for Larry King is true!!!

After months of many rumours hit the web that “America’s Got Talent” judge, Piers Morgan could possibly take over Larry King Live, CNN admits that the news is true. Piers will be taking over in January. Piers himself released a statement saying it’s a dream come true for him and something he always wanted to do was to take over Larry King.

Pierse doesn’t plan to leave “AGT” as he plans to do both shows, “AGT” and “CNN Live” at the same time, since both shows are in the Los Angeles area.

Oh my! I can see Piers interviewing a lot of competitors from “America’s Got Talent” on his show. Don’t be surprised if the 10 year old opera singer, Jackie Evancho, could be his first interview guest in January.


Thought: I agree with Ryan Seacrest being a good replacement for Larry King…

Replacement talks for Larry King Live has already started. Rumours are true that Piers Morgan is in negotiations…but the online world, prefers Ryan Seacrest to be host more. You know what? I actually agree with Ryan Seacrest being a good replacement.

I can’t stand American Idol, but Ryan’s radioshow is great stuff. He asks intelligent questions, he’s professional but  all around, he’s a good host.

I don’t care about Larry King calling it quits. I’d say it’s about damn time! Good riddance. I hope Ryan gets picked as replacement but it would probably end up being, Piers.


Report: Piers Morgan to replace Larry King? I call this a rumour…

“America’s Got Talent” judge, Piers Morgan is rumoured to be in talks of raplacing Larry King’s CNN show. It’s reported that Piers is getting close to a deal. This would cause Piers to leave “America’s Got Talen” to join CNN full time when Larry King leaves.

Variety Reports:


I must be missing something here but did Larry ever announce a retirement? I don’t think he ever did. It maybe his 25th anniversary at CNN but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving. I can’t see Larry leaving the show. He’ll be doing that ’til the day he dies. I don’t think CNN would ever fire him either ’cause he’s too valuable. Yeah, I call bullshit rumour for sure!