BREAKING NEWS: CNN admits Piers Morgan taking over for Larry King is true!!!

After months of many rumours hit the web that “America’s Got Talent” judge, Piers Morgan could possibly take over Larry King Live, CNN admits that the news is true. Piers will be taking over in January. Piers himself released a statement saying it’s a dream come true for him and something he always wanted to do was to take over Larry King.

Pierse doesn’t plan to leave “AGT” as he plans to do both shows, “AGT” and “CNN Live” at the same time, since both shows are in the Los Angeles area.

Oh my! I can see Piers interviewing a lot of competitors from “America’s Got Talent” on his show. Don’t be surprised if the 10 year old opera singer, Jackie Evancho, could be his first interview guest in January.


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