Report: Steven Tyler threatens to sue Aerosmith if replaced…

Aerosmith maybe auditioning for new singers with the decision made by Joe Perry but Steven Tyler is not letting them. Steven threatens Joe Perry if he is replaced, the band will get sued.

Billboard reports:

I’m gonna have to side with Steven on this one. Steven is doing a good thing. No matter if Billy Idol or any other singer is a perfect fit for Aerosmith. Aerosmith belongs to Steven and Steven only. I think everyone knows that. Joe and Steven has known each other for at least 40 years or more, if Joe replaces Steven, then that’s a stab in the back right there.

What would it be like if Metallica replaced James Hetfield?

The only legendary bands that were ever sucessful at replacing lead singers were Ac/Dc (Bon Scott replaced by Brian Johnson), Van Halen (David Lee Roth replaced by Sammy Hagar), and Black Sabbath (Ozzy replaced by Ronnie James Dio).

Other than that, if Steven was replaced, it would anger a  lot of Aerosmith fans and the band would get a pretty nasty backlash. They would lose a lot of fans. Especially the longtime and die hard fans.

Steven Tyler has a huge ego yes, but even he knows that Aerosmith belongs to him. Joe Perry’s ego is much bigger than Steven’s. It’s good that Steve is fighting back, get ’em, man!


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