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Just bought the two Hollywood Vampires albums from Itunes today… haven’t listened to them yet, though…

Earlier today I just bought the two Hollywood Vampires albums from Itunes. Their 2015 self-titled debut and their second album, “Rise”. Haven’t listened to ’em yet but I will this weekend.

I really dig their cover of “Whole Lotta Love”, the Led Zeppelin song. Love it.

I’m sure Alice Cooper, Johnny and Joe Perry will get together to make Hollywood Vampires album no. 3 at some point. That band will get back together as well now that Johnny got his life and career back finally.

I’m a huge fan of Alice Cooper and Joe Perry anyway so I was meaning to get the Hollywood Vampires albums for a long ass time.

Want a perfect way to celebrate Johnny’s victory? Crank up some Hollywood Vampires, loud and proud!


Cool Video: Aerosmith confirms Steven Tyler re-joins…lets see how long this lasts…

Aerosmith confirms a new tour, but lets see how long this one lasts. Before you know it, Steven will be getting drunk and being the usual pill popping idiot until he lands himself in the hospital with some crazy stage stunt.


Report: Steven Tyler threatens to sue Aerosmith if replaced…

Aerosmith maybe auditioning for new singers with the decision made by Joe Perry but Steven Tyler is not letting them. Steven threatens Joe Perry if he is replaced, the band will get sued.

Billboard reports:


I’m gonna have to side with Steven on this one. Steven is doing a good thing. No matter if Billy Idol or any other singer is a perfect fit for Aerosmith. Aerosmith belongs to Steven and Steven only. I think everyone knows that. Joe and Steven has known each other for at least 40 years or more, if Joe replaces Steven, then that’s a stab in the back right there.

What would it be like if Metallica replaced James Hetfield?

The only legendary bands that were ever sucessful at replacing lead singers were Ac/Dc (Bon Scott replaced by Brian Johnson), Van Halen (David Lee Roth replaced by Sammy Hagar), and Black Sabbath (Ozzy replaced by Ronnie James Dio).

Other than that, if Steven was replaced, it would anger a  lot of Aerosmith fans and the band would get a pretty nasty backlash. They would lose a lot of fans. Especially the longtime and die hard fans.

Steven Tyler has a huge ego yes, but even he knows that Aerosmith belongs to him. Joe Perry’s ego is much bigger than Steven’s. It’s good that Steve is fighting back, get ’em, man!


Report: Billy Idol to join Aerosmith? Another strange rumour…

What do you all think? Do you think this British spiked white haired badass named, Billy Idol, has what it takes to front Aerosmith? It was rumoured from Classic Rock Magazine that Joe Perry definitely wants him.


In my opinion, I think he might be the right guy. Idol has quite a range in his vocals and he could give the Aerosmith songs a different feel. His voice sounds different than Steven’s but Idol is an interesting choice. Idol has performed in cover bands in his past I’m sure and I think he could possibly nail Aerosmith hits perfectly.


Report: Steven Tyler showed up at Joe Perry solo gig uninvited…

On that video where Steven Tyler showed up at the end of Joe Perry’s solo gig, do you think that was planned? Did Joe Perry himself invite Steven to the stage? Nope. Think again.

Perry never invited him to the show. He just came. Steven definitely was drunk or something ’cause he was acting weird in that video. I think his ego got in the way that he wanted to take over Joe Perry’s set….but, Joe Perry didn’t seem to mind. In this article, Joe said he let Steven sing, just to be nice.

Even though Steven says he’s not leaving Aerosmith, things haven’t changed with Joe Perry’s feelings on him. Joe is still upset with him.

Check out this interesting article here:



Cool Video: Steven Tyler confirms he isn’t leaving Aerosmith at Joe Perry’s solo gig in NYC…

Joe Perry’s solo band performed a gig in NYC, at the end of Perry’s set… Steven Tyler showed up on stage out of no where. After weeks and weeks of news reports with Joe Perry telling the media that Steven Tyler is leaving Aerosmith, Steven Tyler wanted to confirm the news isn’t true himself in person and not directly to the media. Steven wanted to let the fans know that he isn’t leaving Aerosmith. The man said so himself in this video below.

Notice while they were performing, “Walk this Way”, Steven is taking it easy on the dancing this time. He’s not dancing as much. He is mostly standing while singing. Yep, Steven is learning.


Report: Aerosmith is thinking about replacing Steven Tyler…

Oh no, Joe Perry is really upset with Steven Tyler, big time. Perry is furious with Tyler lately that he is actually thinking about replacing a new lead singer for, Aerosmith.

Aerosmith has been together for way over 20 years. They’ve been together long before they were signed too. Aerosmith without Steven Tyler?

Perry wants Tyler to get his act together and get clean and healthy if they want the band to survive.

More on it here:


What do you think about this? Aerosmith without the iconic frontman? Wanna know my thoughts?

I’d say go for it!

If Alice In Chains is going on without Layne Staley, I don’t see why not either?

Joe Perry must be smoking on something if he says, “if anyone’s willing to do it”. Of course, anyone would love this opportunity to sing for Aerosmith. I’m sure there are plenty of singers out there that can sing like an exact match to Tyler’s vocals. 🙂


Report: Joe Perry upset with Steven Tyler, this means new Aerosmith album in danger of releasing…

Joe Perry speaks out on Steven Tyler, saying that he is upset with the Aerosmith frontman that he hasn’t spoken with Joe since his fall off the stage. He is also upset that the Aerosmith tour has been cancelled because of his accident which explains why Joe Perry just released a new solo album this year instead of a new Aerosmith album.

Perry also reveals that him and Steven Tyler hasn’t written any new songs for the new album in over ten years.

NME reports:


Look like we’re going to have to wait a LONG time for a new Aerosmith record, I don’t expect them to go back into the studio anytime soon. Steven needs to get off the booze and the pain killers before he kills himself.