Thought: If Steven Tyler joins American Idol, then Aerosmith is officially dead to me…

So Steven Tyler is in negotiations with FOX to join as an American Idol to judge to take over for Simon Cowell or Ellen Degeneres. It seems that Steven wants it badly. Why did I put the title in the blog post that if Steven Tyler joins, Aerosmith is dead to me? Well it’s true. Aerosmith will destroy their career just like how Ozzy destroyed his by doing “The Osbournes” TV show. If Steven joins American Idol, no one will ever see Aerosmith as a rock n’ roll band anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Aerosmith, always had, but if Steven joins American Idol, the band will no longer get my support. They might upset their longtime die hard fans as well. American Idol is a huge mistake for Aerosmith. I wish Joe Perry would talk him out of it, but it’s pretty clear Steven craves for publicity.

If Steven joins, Aerosmith will become the American Idol band instead of a rock n’ roll band. That’s what happened to Chris Cornell when he started doing this American Idol thing.

The mainstream of music is a disaster. There hasn’t been much good music in the mainstream except Slash put out one of the best solo records in a long time. Slash’s new record is fucking great. I hope Slash will never be part of American Idol ’cause that would destroy his image and career as well.


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