Thought: Why Steven Tyler would make a horrible judge at American Idol…

Yes, Steven Tyler has years of experience with music but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a good American Idol judge. Why would he suck at being the judge?

Here are some reasons why:

  • He would give positive feedback to any Idol singer that sings an Aerosmith song whether he/she sings it good or bad. If A.I. does an Aerosmith night, Steven would go crazy.
  • If male singers has a rock n’ roll image or if they sing rock, Steven would be all over that as well.
  • Since Steven loves blues music, singers would try to sing the blues just to impress him.
  • Singers would try to steal Steven Tyler’s image: The long hair, fat lips, fashion, etc.
  • He wouldn’t understand today’s mainstream of music. If you knew Steven’s history with music, he was always about old school.  He always listened to really old rock and old blues. I don’t think he would give honest feedback if a singer sang a song by Britney Spears or Katy Perry.
  • Steven’s ego would hurt the other judges and singers.
  • I don’t see him being a mean judge, I see him being a friendly one.
  • If you watch Steven’s interviews on TV and the internet, you can see that he comes up with crazy answers ’cause he likes the attention with the media.
  • He would be smiling and laughing like he always does.
  • I can see him going on and on and on about him comparing other singers voices to his own singing voice.

There you go. We’ll see how long he lasts on the show.


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