Report: Neil Young speaks the truth about today’s sound quality of music, and I completely agree with him…

The legendary Canadian rocker, Neil Young, is at the Sundance Film Festival, to promote his documentary titled, “Neil Young Journey’s” directed by Jonathan Demme, and MTV caught up with Neil to ask him an interesting question on what his thoughts of today’s music are.

He says that today’s music sounds worst than a 78 rpm record and he doesn’t like the way MP3’s are done either. He explains that the master of the recording gets 100% of good sound quality while the listener only gets 5% out of it.

Sorry to say, but he actually brings up some valid points.

Read what Neil, has to say, here.

This is one of the reasons why I love Neil. He’s honest and not afraid to tell things like it is. Just like his songwriting. The lyrics in his songs are brutally honest just like how he is.

I’m totally with him though. I don’t like the way CD’s and Mp3’s sound either. Sadly enough, I find vinyl records sound much better.

The way today’s music is being recorded is pretty sad. All this digital technology with computers and all. You don’t even have to play an instrument or sing, all this technology magic will make you sound like a pro in no time. You didn’t have all that back in the 50’s – 80’s. All the musicians had to do things for real back in those days.


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