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In defense of M.I.A., flipping the bird at the Superbowl Halftime show…

For the past couple of days since Superbowl Sunday, the internet has been outraged by M.I.A. flipping the bird at the camera during her performance at Halftime with Madonna. Why is everyone mad? Basically, because she’s on a huge sporting event and it’s on public national TV, NBC, a family friendly station.

A lot of people today, don’t know who M.I.A. is, because she released records independently with her own label. She’s not a major label artist, she was never mainstream until Madonna had her as a special guest duet. The internet is acting like what M.I.A. did is wrong and what she did is evil. She might even get fined for it and all that stuff.

What people fail to understand about M.I.A., is that her performances has always been crazy and intense. She loves to move around on stage and makes movements with her hands a lot. That’s the way she always performed. Watch some of her live performances in youtube if you see what I mean.

I believe what she did at the Superbowl was an accident. She didn’t mean what she did and wasn’t realizing what she was doing. She was just having too much fun and it came out of nowhere. I’m sure she has done this at her concerts from her tours many times, flipping the bird at the audience. Performers do this stuff all the time on stage. Flipping the bird to the audience is most popular with the metal genre, but rappers do it too. That’s what M.I.A. is, a rapper.

If a male rapper was performing the Superbowl and if he flipped the bird to the camera, then the people wouldn’t care. They would think it’s alright, people are mad at M.I.A. for it because she’s a woman.

On top of all this, M.I.A. is one of my favorite artists. I absolutely love her music. Her music is phenomenal, and I adore her. I’m always watching her live performances in youtube and buying her albums. I love the messages she sends with her songs. She’s very political, she’s an activist, and most of her songs are protest songs. I love her two singles, “Paper Planes” and “Born Free”. She’s just a great artist.

What she did on the Superbowl maybe bad, but whatever it takes for her to get more recognition in her music, more power to her. She just became a mainstream artist because of that. Madonna helped her get more recognition.

I didn’t find what she did a big deal ’cause a lot of musicians can be crazy like that sometimes. That’s how most of them are. A lot of people think what she did, she’s saying, “fuck you” to everyone, no not all. Artists flip the bird ’cause they do it in a good way, it entertains the fans. Ever been to a rap concert or a metal concert where the star flips the bird and the fans go crazy? It happens.

M.I.A. shouldn’t get fined for it ’cause she didn’t do anything wrong, in my opinion. She doesn’t owe Madonna an apology ’cause over the years, I’m sure she’s dealt with crazy stuff like that in the past. I’m sure she wouldn’t care.


Cool Video: M.I.A. releases new song and new video titled, “Born Free” (Warning: this video is R-rated)

One of my favorite artists, M.I.A., is finally back from her hiatus. She is finally releasing a new album this June. She also released her first single titled, “Born Free” and uploaded the video exclusively on her official website.

Before you watch this, you must be aware that this video is very graphic with violence. It also has strong sexual content. It’s a pretty intense video and fits well with the song.

The film is directed by a guy named, Romain Gavras. You will see SWAT police officers, barging into this apartment building taking people and arresting them violently. You will see drug use and a fat couple fuckin’ each other in bed. Nudity and all. The video will even get far as murdering children by blowing their heads off with a gun. It’s pretty intense and brutal stuff.

What is the message M.I.A. sending through this video? It’s definitely political, indeed. Is it about drug bust? Illegal immigration? Cops gone evil? Note sure. I don’t understand either.

It is a great song though. I’ve always loved M.I.A. Her music is very powerful. I think she’s way better than Lady Gaga. I’m a huge M.I.A. fan and can’t wait for her new album!

Enjoy the video here:



Edit to add: Notice all the young people that the police kidnapped? They’re all redheads. The bus drives by a picture with three red head army guys holding their hands up in the air. What do they have against redheaded people? What is this? Very strange video. Not sure what the message is.

Edit to add part 2: Oh I get it now. Watching the video again, the reason the cops have busted on those redhead people is because those three painted kids on the wall there, they must of used to be in the army. Now they are a militia. Notice, the two red headed kids hiding around the corner as the SWAT bus is driving away, wearing a red bandana around their mouth looking like a militia or a gang, then they come out throwing rocks at ’em or something. It has to do something with that. The redheads want their freedom, like the title says “Born Free”. That’s why the kids are young in the video.

Thought: M.I.A is hands down, one of the best pop artists around today!!!!

I can’t stop listening to her CD, “Kala”. I think M.I.A is definitely one of the best pop artists around in today’s music industry. To describe her genre, she sounds like a mix of African jungle music with rap and electronica. Her sound is unique, she comes up with great vocal melodies. Her music is just so much fun to listen to and it’ll give you goosebumps as you listen to it.

Yes, the main riff to the song “Paper Planes” was sampled from the Clash song, “Straight to Hell”, but I think she did the best job sampling a song from someone else to make a song of her own.

“Kala” was released way back in 2007, so I hope she goes back in the studio soon to make a new record. It’s understandable why she hasn’t made a new record yet since she just had a new baby and all.

I hate most pop music but M.I.A is great talent. I’ll see her live in concert if she comes around here! I never heard of this woman before until I started seeing the internet buzzing about her, so I decided to check her out and ended up really liking her stuff.


Cool Video: M.I.A. invites fans from the audience to dance with her on stage at end of her set…

M.I.A. a rapper from London, England agreed to fly all the way to Coachella in California to perform her set. What a great woman she really is. She invited a bunch of fans from the audience to dance with her on stage at the end of her set. How cool is that? This is one of the reasons why I love her, she has a good heart and shows a lot of passion in what she does.

Her songs maybe simple and sampled, but at least her music is more fun to listen to than any other pop and rap artists out there. She’s so great. I think I’ll definitely pick up her latest CD next time I go to Best Buy.

This is the only video of MIA at Coachella 2009 I could find in youtube, but I’m sure there will be more of her performances going up today, I hope.


I can’t wait for M.I.A. videos at Coachella 2009…

Rapper, M.I.A., is scheduled to hit the Coachella stage sometime today, when youtube videos of her performances go up, I’ll post them here.

I’m not into rap music much, but I like a few rap artists.

Honestly, I find M.I.A. a beautifully talented artist. She’s one of the better pop and rap artists out there. I really dig her song, “Paper Planes”, I may actually pick up her CD sometime. I’ll be on the lookout for her Coachella stuff.