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The NFL trying to help keep this country more divisive???


I haven’t really commented on the Tom Brady deflated ball controversy much but all I wanna say about it is that it’s just a lousy attempt for the NFL to help divide the country even more. Tom Brady and the Patriots are in trouble and Obama honored them at the White House anyways. So I’m pretty sure they are happy anyways since they got honored by Obama.

Anyway, why is Tom Brady deflated ball more important than Ray Rice knocking his wife out on an elevator? Brady is in trouble and Rice didn’t get much of a punishment. Instead of jail, Rice got like a two day suspension and a termination, I believe? People are acting like Brady committed a crime while Rice got a free pass.

This is pretty insane, man. Who cares about the deflated ball. This is just another reason why I gave up watching the NFL ’cause it’s been way too political for the past several years now. The politics of the NFL got even worse when Michael Sam came out of the closet.

I could care less about the deflated ball. There’s more important things in this country to worry about.


This is why I don’t watch sports anymore, y’all, they’re all corrupt and broken just like our government…

Aawwwwww… so NFL fans are upset about the Patriots deflated ball thing but ya know what? You all find this a surprise? It’s why I don’t watch sports anymore. They’re all corrupt and broken. All of it. Just like our US government. They’re all fixed and they all cheat not just the NFL. MLB baseball cheats ’cause a lot of players shoot up steroids to win even boxing, the NBA and NHL are all fixed too. Seems like everything in this fucking country is fake and dishonest these days and that includes professional sports. People would accuse professional wrestling of being fake and scripted, it definitely is but when will people feel the same for all sports?

I don’t know why sports continue to thrive and people continue to watch. It is nice to finally see that people are waking up about the sports industry, though. I used to watch NFL and MLB baseball but stopped a long time ago.

I think watching sports are pretty boring for the most part. When I was younger, I used to be a die-hard sports fan but stopped when I got into music and movies. That’s what I would rather spend most of my time doing is playing or listening to music and watching movies/TV shows.

Sports is overrated as hell but that’s just me.