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This is why I don’t watch sports anymore, y’all, they’re all corrupt and broken just like our government…

Aawwwwww… so NFL fans are upset about the Patriots deflated ball thing but ya know what? You all find this a surprise? It’s why I don’t watch sports anymore. They’re all corrupt and broken. All of it. Just like our US government. They’re all fixed and they all cheat not just the NFL. MLB baseball cheats ’cause a lot of players shoot up steroids to win even boxing, the NBA and NHL are all fixed too. Seems like everything in this fucking country is fake and dishonest these days and that includes professional sports. People would accuse professional wrestling of being fake and scripted, it definitely is but when will people feel the same for all sports?

I don’t know why sports continue to thrive and people continue to watch. It is nice to finally see that people are waking up about the sports industry, though. I used to watch NFL and MLB baseball but stopped a long time ago.

I think watching sports are pretty boring for the most part. When I was younger, I used to be a die-hard sports fan but stopped when I got into music and movies. That’s what I would rather spend most of my time doing is playing or listening to music and watching movies/TV shows.

Sports is overrated as hell but that’s just me.


Obama honoring the Patriots at the White House thoughts…

I just listened to Obama’s speech at the White House honoring the Patriots. The Patriots got honored at the White House for winning the Superbowl earlier this year. Obama was acting like a stand up comedian throughout the speech. Telling jokes and getting everybody laughing throughout the whole thing. Obama even made a joke about the ball deflating controversy and the team seems to have been offended by it a little.

Rob Gronkowski, who is the tight end for the Patriots responded by saying that Obama may have been a little drunk even though there was no alcohol involved.


Well, Obama did look like he was drunk or high on something. You see, I don’t think it was the alcohol that he was on. It’s definitely the crack cocaine, yo…

Even the Patriots made suspicions that Barack maybe onto something whether he was drinking or whatever.

On top of that, why did Obama have to honor a football team when that is not important for America??? A president wouldn’t waste time honoring sports teams… they have better things to do. Of course, being the narcissistic egomaniac Obummer is… he’s just doing whatever he can to insert himself into everything and that includes sports. He just got himself some new gifts by the Patriots: A football and a jersey with his name on it and an autographed helmet from the team. Whatever makes him happy before his presidency goes out, I guess.

I don’t think he was drunk during this, he was high on crack, probably. Listen to him talk, his speeches are getting worse. He does a lot of “Aaaah” and “uuuuhhhh” even when he’s reading off of something. He’s also been walking kind of funny in this video, if you go to about 10:30 in the video, he’ll walk backwards away from the podium and bumps into Bill.

I don’t know but Obama’s acting strange in this video.