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Vince McMahon is trying to save football, he knows it’s a dying industry…


When Vince McMahon came up with the idea of the XFL around the year 2000, I remember watching it on TV for a little bit. The games got interesting for a while then I stopped watching ’cause they gotten kind of awful and boring. No surprise to see that the XFL failed, but Vince is officially bringing it back in 2020.

I just watched Vince’s press conference about it earlier this afternoon and it was interesting. Already, the media started pressuring him about football players kneeling for the anthem and the flag and all that stuff. Vince vows that none of that is gonna happen. Vince says there will be a set of rules and all that stuff which will be good.

It seems that Vince is a die-hard fan of football and he loves the sport. He sees all this stuff going on at the NFL and Vince is probably like, “I can save football. I can do this”. NFL TV ratings declining and ticket sales at NFL stadiums are declining too ’cause all this kneeling.

Many WWE fans are saying that the XFL will fail again like the last time but I don’t think so. NFL is about to say RIP and go out of business soon. The XFL will be your replacement. The NFL has been about politics and social issues and Vince doesn’t want any of that stuff in the XFL. Simply put, Vince is saying that if you want to play football in his league… stand for the flag and if you don’t, you’re gone. Hear that Roger Goodell?

Vince says the new XFL will be much different than the previous XFL that aired back in 2000. It will be yet again, another revival and new look. New rules in the games and all that stuff. Could the XFL take over the spotlight of the NFL? I think it could yes. Those who refuses to watch the NFL over all the kneeling will probably switch to XFL.

Hopefully the new XFL does well next time and I think it will do well. Vince will learn from his mistakes of what went wrong the first time and if he doesn’t mess up, the XFL could explode.

This also means that Vince might have to stop being in charge of WWE ’cause XFL is gonna keep him busy. I’m sure Triple H and Steph will take over control of WWE while Vince is doing his XFL stuff.

Vince has balls for this, though. When I saw that press conference, he seemed very passionate and serious about this. If Vince wants to do something, he does it. The man is no joke. It’s not about the money for him at all. He wants to bring good football back for the fans and trying to save the industry.

I wish Vince good luck on this. I really do.