Report: “Strangeland” sequel is coming to the big screen and Dee Snider is set to reprise role as Captain Howdy!!!

Yep, Dee Snider’s horror film “Strangeland” which came out back in 1998 is getting a sequel. The name of the sequel is titled, “Strangeland: Disciple”. The film will get an NC-17 rating and Dee promises the next film will be ultra-intense. It will probably have nasty gore, nudity and sex scenes just like the first one.

Most would know Dee Snider as the frontman for the band Twisted Sister who is still together today with the same members. Dee Snider is an occasional film actor, writer and film maker. Dee first made his on screen debut as an actor in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” where Twisted Sister were filming a music video at Warner Bros. studios.

The plot to the sequel will be similar to the first, a dangerous serial killer taking out victims that he met on the internet.

More on it here:

Pretty sweet! I liked “Strangeland”, a sequel will be interesting. Looking forward to see what they’re going to do with it!


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