Ac/Dc finishes new album but without Malcolm Young…

Brian Johnson, the frontman of Ac/Dc, reveals that the legendary rock band have finished their new album; however, they had to do it without their long time guitarist and founding member, Malcolm Young. Malcolm couldn’t play on it ’cause of his health so he had his nephew Stevie play on it instead.

Ac/Dc with a different guitarist? That’s weird coming from Ac/Dc ’cause they never had different guitarists over the years, I believe. It has always been Angus and Malcolm doing the guitar work.

While I’m sure the band’s style and sound will remain the same, I’m sure the band’s sound will be slightly different for the new album ’cause of Malcolm’s replacement guitarist, Stevie. It’s going to be interesting to hear what the band will sound like with Stevie, a different guy. It must be hard for the boys in Ac/Dc with a new guitarist ’cause they’ve been so used to Malcolm over the years.

Look like we’re gonna see a new Ac/Dc album later this year. I predict the album will come out in the Fall/Winter???

I wish Malcolm well and looking forward to their new record. I’ve always been an Ac/Dc fan.


17 thoughts on “Ac/Dc finishes new album but without Malcolm Young…”

  1. I wonder if this was in the works before Malcolm got to the point where he couldn’t play? Hopefully he was still able to write and influence as he used to.

    If this was in progress I wonder if they will do another beyond it? I’m going to pick this one up for sure.

    1. Well, I’m pretty sure they started recording the album after Malcolm got sick. I can see why they got Stevie to play ’cause he probably plays like Malcolm. I’m also sure that Angus gave instructions to Stevie to still get that Ac/Dc sound but Ac/Dc will still sound a little different with a new guitarist. This was the first time that Ac/Dc recorded an album with a replacement guitarist.

      I mean think about it… if Ac/Dc successfully got away with replacing a singer, the same can happen with a guitarist.

      I’m sure we’ll still get the same Ac/Dc sound. Nothing to worry about.


      1. Agreed as long as Malcolm is involved. He drove everything and is what made that band. You can replace a guitarist but not the other things he provided.

        However they have been doing it so long and the formula works so they could go on auto-pilot and still have success.

      2. Yeah, even if Malcolm is sick, I’m pretty sure he taught Stevie some things. Even if Malcolm can’t play, I’m sure he knows plenty of music theory. I’m sure Malcolm gave the band some ideas.


      3. I don’t think there’s much theory involved when you’re playing minor pentatonic scales over the same three chords through a Gibson straight into a Marshall….

      4. That’s not really true. Some of their stuff can be pretty technical and challenging to play. They can be more than just power chords and simple scales. The song “Thunderstruck” is a perfect example of that. That song took their musicianship to a whole new level.


      5. And no matter how easy or difficult a song is, there’s always music theory involved no matter what.


      6. I’m not dissing them, I love them, but all of their songs are beyond simple…. Which is part of the appeal

      7. I disagree with you. Not all of their stuff is simple. I can come up with a big list of Ac/Dc songs that would be challenging to play on guitar and “Thunderstruck” is one of them. That song is a shredder and I’m sure there are others.


      8. Try playing that opening lead lick Angus does at the intro of “Thunderstruck”. Seriously, it’s a bitch. A lot of quick hammer on’s and pull offs.


      9. Even if a lot of their songs are simple and easy, who cares. Good music is good music. You don’t need to be a technical wizard to write a great song.


      10. I can definitely see Malcolm in his bed writing stuff down on paper for the band to play. Ya know, chord charts, theory stuff, guitar tab, etc. I’m pretty sure he gave the band some cool ideas.


      11. I learned thunderstruck when I was like 15 and could barely play anything other than power chords…it’s just simple tremolo picking.

      12. Not all of their stuff are easy though, you can’t accuse them of that.


      13. And who cares if all a band plays are power chords. A lot of ’em do. A lot of bands from the 50’s and 60’s used nothing but power chords especially an artist like Link Wray and Chuck Berry… those artists is where the power chord came from.

        A lot of metal bands have used nothing but power chords as well especially Metallica.

        You can create killer sounds out of a simple power chord and Ac/Dc is the master at that. I love how they keep things simplistic.


      14. It’s not an accusation….I love them, but all of their stuff is so basic, but again, that’s part of why they’re awesome. It’s essentially no frills rock.

      15. I can prove my point that some of their stuff can be quite challenging. Maybe I will do that in another post.


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