Ac/Dc producer says band will make Malcolm Young’s presence known on new album, “PWR UP”… Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about Malcolm…

When Ac/Dc confirmed the lineup for the band’s comeback, Malcolm was left out but don’t fret… Malcolm will still be part of the new Ac/Dc album, “PWR UP”. The band’s producer says the band worked on several riff ideas that Malcolm wrote and they wrote songs around that. Malcolm’s riffs will still be a part of the new album but they will be played by Stevie.

Before Malcolm passed, he continued to play guitar as long as he was able and up until he couldn’t play guitar anymore. I’m sure there was a point he had to stop playing guitar for good when dementia got a lot worse.

We all knew the band was coming back soon but we didn’t know what musicians would be involved in the comeback… even the band’s producer didn’t even know… he was just as shocked like the rest of us when he found out that Phil and Cliff were re-joining.

Happy birthday to Brian Johnson, btw.


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