AC/DC about to confirm the news about new studio album and make it official this week???

AC/DC just posted this little video teaser this morning. It’s just their lightning band logo but it’s in red “coloring”. There is audio but all you’re going to hear on it that it sounds like it’s an electric guitar getting plugged into an amp. Giving you a clear sign that the band is coming back in some form.

I bet this is gonna be a new studio album by AC/DC. Rumors and news already been swirling in the music world but you wait to hear the official news by AC/DC themselves, that’s when you know it’s true. There’s been stuff about Ac/Dc in the studio pics being leaked but they’ve been shot down and I remember Brian Johnson saying in an interview recently that he hasn’t heard from the other guys much. I think it’s because the guys are just trying to keep the new album “secret” ’cause you know they’ve always been like that and they probably have been quietly in the studio recording a new album. Trying not to get surprises leaked, ya know?

Looks like they’re about to make the news “official”. I remember Dee Snider saying that the band has some big surprises up their sleeve and who knows what they may be? Even if Malcolm Young is no longer with us, I think there’s a possibility that he’s going to be on the new album. Malcolm probably recorded a bunch of riffs before he passed, I bet so the band probably used those recordings. I’m sure Stevie Young will still be on the album…

The big question is will Axl Rose be involved??? I wouldn’t be surprised. Brian Johnson will probably still be the lead vocalist but maybe Axl will provide some backup vocals or something, could be a possibility. I’m sure Axl might be involved at producing the album in some way. Axl will be involved somehow.

Anyhow, just for you to be aware while it’s exciting news the new AC/DC album will sound no different. The band will have that same sound like they always did. They will still sound like Ac/Dc.

I’m a huge fan of Ac/Dc. Always has been. I’ve collected their albums throughout the years of my life and still buy their albums. I’m trying to collect their entire album discography and just about there… just gotta get: “TNT”, “Let There Be Rock”, “Flick of the Switch”, “Fly On the Wall”, “Blow Up Your Video” and “Who Made Who” (the Maximum Overdrive soundtrack). Just gotta get those album and then I’m set.

Other than the new album news, will Ac/Dc confirm a world tour as well? Yes probably but in 2021 when this pandemic shit is all over with and I’m sure they will do a full world tour then.

Can’t wait for the new album announcement and I’m sure they will give us their first song off the new album real soon.


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