Gym is going really well, starting to feel strong again…

Another week down of the gym. Having weekend off of gym and then chest day on Monday. When just going back into gym after some time off from it, you’re going to feel weak going in for a little bit and it may seem like you lost some muscle gains and strength gains but the reality is you haven’t really. As I said in a post before, when you don’t work out and don’t lift at all for a while, your muscles will atrophy (means shrinking) yes but your muscles and strength won’t atrophy right away.

I’m starting to feel strong again after a few weeks back in the gym which feels really good. My lifting is starting to pick back up and I haven’t lost a lot of strength to be honest. I don’t think I really lost any and pretty much have it still. The numbers on the big three in powerlifting training are still pretty much the same. I think maybe I still do have the 300 lb. deadlift so I’m planning on giving it a shot in a few weeks. I know I can still do a 300 lb. deadlift ’cause I’ve done in several times in the past.

I’m still planning to bring up my numbers big before the year ends, though.

And once again, plans to bring up my numbers on the big three squat, bench and deadlift:

  1. Stay consistent
  2. Never miss a lift
  3. Train heavy with good form (do heavy sets and few reps, like 1-5 reps each set)
  4. Stay injury free
  5. Get plenty of rest

Do all those 5 things and you’ll start to go somewhere in powerlifting.

I don’t have any injuries at all right now… thanks to the pandemic which helped healed them all, lol. Lessons learned, never get injured again.

I’m hoping to win first place in my weight class in a powerlifting meet sometime in the future when this pandemic is gone so I’m going to work really hard to get there. I’m hoping to compete in powerlifting in 2021 ’cause I haven’t done a powerlifting meet in a long while.

I’m getting better at squats, though. Trying to squat with depth, the hip crease (the upper leg) area needs to be lower than the knees which is a deep squat and I’ve been squatting that way lately so it’s pretty deep and feels good too. Barbell squats is definitely the best workout for legs for sure. I’m really getting into squats and liking it more. Takes a while to get used to, I guess. Once you squat with good form, you’ll like it more.

So happy to finally be back to lifting again and hope it stays this way.


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