If facemasks, social distancing and small capacity crowds work then why can’t live music and movie theaters return… Hmmmmmmm????

Yup, the country is starting to open still but with restrictions, very strict like “facemask” required and practicing social distance and small capacity crowds is required at businesses.

All that is fine and good, only thing though that bands & music artists across the USA whether national or local can’t have their live music still with a lot of venues closed and strict regulations and all that by their governors.

Movie theaters in some states across the USA are still closed.

My question is why can’t we have our live music and movie theaters back as long as facemask, social distancing and small capacity crowds work? As long as that stuff works then live venues like stadiums, arenas, smaller theaters, clubs and bars should be allowed for bands & artists to return. Bands and music artists whether national or local are still out of live music ’cause they have no venues to play in.

Even though they have no venues and places to play, bands & artists in America find other ways for them to have live music like have live music outdoors. There’s no stopping them doing that. People are smart enough to wear facemasks and practice social distancing and do that stuff even through outdoor live music with small capacity crowds. It works so live music should be able to make a return.

The same goes for movie theaters. Movie theaters should be able to return if facemasks, social distancing and small capacity crowds work. In movie theaters, why not block some seats off so people can be 6 feet apart more and have fewer people in the theaters? That won’t hurt anything at all but they’re still keeping movie theaters closed.

It’s crazy. If that stuff works in small businesses and restaurants then live music concerts and movie theaters should be allowed to return. I don’t see why not?

More proof that it’s about power and control? I would say so. Governors are obsessed with power and the more we give in to them and the more we comply, the more they abuse their power.

Bands and music artists in America need to be out there playing music ’cause that’s what they’re supposed to do. They can’t be staying home.

Movie theaters need to return ’cause all the new movies coming out, that’s hurting the box office the more some movie theaters stay closed. Hollywood needs to get back to work as well.

It’s ridiculous how bands and musicians are not allowed to play live and how they’re keeping movie theaters closed still. I’m hoping movie theaters return this year so I can go see the new Bond movie, “No Time To Die”… if not then I’m gonna have to wait for BluRay release, I guess. I wanted to go see the new Christopher Nolan film, “Tenet” but no movie theaters open to see it at that time and I’ve been dying to see that film too. Sucks so much.

This pandemic shit will be over with soon and I’m predicting sometime after the election ’cause it’s all about the election. All this power and control is just so Democrats can have something to run on ’cause that’s all they got.


One thought on “If facemasks, social distancing and small capacity crowds work then why can’t live music and movie theaters return… Hmmmmmmm????”

  1. Gestapo Governors. They just want to punish us all. When they went back to lockdown here, but allowed for SOLO activities, they even admitted it was not about covid mitigation. Their exact words were “it’s about enforcement”, because if the cops see two people waling on the beach together, they don’t know if they are from the same household. Same for a mother and child. Another direct quote “Parents can not take their children to the beach”. I think it’s pretty obvious if a woman and a child are at the beach together, it’s mom and kid, from the same household.

    But is it that our leaders must think the cops are too stupid to figure that out? No. Once again, is about punishment and control. Cops wrote tickets to MARRIED couple sitting on beach, or hiking. Chased moms and dads off the beach with their kids. They weren’t even aloud to go anywhere in public together. SOLO only. Punish and control.

    They believe people won’t follow the rules, so rather than give them a chance, they just deny them. Punish and control. Democrat is the new gestapo.

    Bars are closed here, but restaurants are allowed to serve liquor, and can even pack it to go! How the hell is that logical. This state is probably the bluest of the blue states. We were the ONLY county in the entire country to have an overnight curfew for over 6 weeks, when we had ZERO cases. Zero! Punish and control!

    Sorry for the long rant, but this is just ridiculous.

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