Ac/Dc hinting at virtual concert maybe???

Not only that Ac/Dc is coming out with a new album, they are hinting at something else.

If you look at this picture the band just released today, it looks like an area that’s setup like a concert with the band logo in big bright red letters and huge lighting. Setup like a stage of some sort.

Some are probably thinking this is a tour announcement after Covid but nah… I think it’s something else. This is probably the band hinting at a virtual concert live on the internet. Bands been doing that lately… Metallica was the first to do a drive in concert live on the internet, could Ac/Dc be next??? It would be cool and I bet that’s what it is. Since the band Ac/Dc can’t play live concerts, there’s no stopping them doing it “virtually” on the internet.

I think it be cool for Ac/Dc to do a live concert online for “free”… watch the band play songs from their new record and of course, play their greatest hits too. I could be wrong about “virtual” concert but it’s just a guess and if I turn out right, would be fucking awesome and I would tune in for sure.


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