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Ac/dc… admittedly the Bon Scott Era is definitely 10 x’s way better than Brian johnson… that Era was definitely incredible stuff!!!

When it comes to the band Ac/Dc, I’ll have to admit it and agree with most everyone that the Bon Scott era of that band is definitely 10 x’s way better than Brian Johnson. On my Ipod Touch, I now own all 5 Bon Scott Ac/Dc albums… “High Voltage”, “Dirty Deeds”, “Let There Be Rock”, “Powerage” and “Highway To Hell”. All 5 are pretty amazing albums, they are all fucking mind blowing.

Back then, Ac/Dc had that energy and they were tight as hell back then. Bon was a great rock vocalist too. A lot lately I find myself listening to the Bon Ac/Dc albums more than the Brian Johnson era. Not sure why, maybe it’s cause Bon’s voice makes Ac/Dc songs sound better.

I can understand why people aren’t so crazy about the Brian Johnson stuff ’cause his era of Ac/Dc is a bit on the pop/rock side and most people aren’t into Brian’s scratchy singing much. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Brian Johnson era but I think the best Ac/Dc album with Brian on the lead vocals is believe it or not, “The Razor’s Edge”. That was the one Brian album that actually had the Bon Scott feeling if that makes sense. I can easily hear Bon singing the lead vocals to “Thunderstruck” and still would have sounded amazing either way.

I’ve been listening to the Bon Scott era albums on my Ipod at the gym a lot lately ’cause listening to Bon era Ac/Dc helps get me fired up on the weightlifting.

What is my favorite Bon era Ac/Dc album??? I love all 5 of them like I said but I would think “Powerage” is probably the best one, in my opinion. I listen to “Powerage” the most, honestly. It’s just a great and fucking badass album. Has some of Brian and Angus’s best guitar playing too. I can rock out to songs like “Rock n’ roll Damnation”, “Riff Raff” and “Sin City” all day.

I’ve always listened to Ac/Dc over the years, just mostly the Brian Johnson stuff. Now I’m getting into the Bon stuff finally which is way more addicting to listen to.